Here is a copy of the original instructions distributed by William and Diane Swygard beginning in the late 1960's. According to a phone conversation with Diane Swygard, now retired and living in Florida, the Swygards decided to copyright the books but not the technique itself. The technique was distributed with no charge, just return postage. Ads were placed in the classified section of Fate magazine, which is still in publication today! People responding to the ad were instructed to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Swygard's Florida address, and they would mail back these instructions as one page folded into four sections. From Book 1 of Awareness Techniques:

Ten thousand printed instruction sheets have been distributed throughout the world.

This is what they looked like, plus the flyer that may have been attached, I found it with the originals.


AT original instructions1.jpeg
AT original instructions2.jpeg
AT original instructions3.jpeg
AT original instructions4.jpeg
AT original instructions5.jpeg