AI + the Akashic Records = RabbitHole

[Warning - thinking about this will keep you up at night but other people are going there and I followed them. Be very careful when you approach the periphery of the rabbit hole, it is very slippery.]

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I love being challenged by people much smarter than me even when I don't agree with their politics. But brilliant posts by brilliant minds open the discussion and some of the comments on these blogs are equally mind expanding. One such post (which I saved but didn't get a web address for) mentioned that a You Tube video by Quinn Michaels commented on the possibility that "AI can achieve time travel into the past and even access the global mind of all mankind on the ethereal (sub-atomic?) plane." I have used the concept of a vast database stored in the cloud as a way of explaining the Akashic records to someone who is computer literate. So think about what happens when an Artificial Intelligence is able to access the Akashic Records as easily as it can access any other database.  The author of this post, who writes under the pseudonym Backstreet Slayer on the Rogue Money blog, does not seem to know about the Akashic Records but perfectly describes them when he warns about AI -

" I do believe they are trying to gather all known human knowledge, past and present, and incorporate it into the giant Global Mind."

"All known human knowledge, past and present" and "the giant global mind" is a spot-on description of the Akashic Records. So what happens when a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence has access to the Records? If AI is on the same path that we are, which is mining the past to raise consciousness and for spiritual progress, when do we bump into them in the Hall of Records? And will they let us share table space or hog all the bandwidth?