Richard Doty WTF???

I’ve been searching for any information about Richard Doty’s appearance at the UFO MegaCon in Laughlin NV last month. And yes, “mega-con” and Doty in one sentence is ironic. But Doty said in a hallway interview that the Cash-Landrum sighting was, wait for it, a UFO retro-fitted with a nuclear propulsion system. Why? Because they couldn't get the factory installed “engine” to work. So like good Americans, they took it to a shade tree mechanic, probably an old guy who knew motors, and put in something to soup it up. Doty claimed they flew it all around Nevada with no problem, but when they were taking it to an Air Force base in Texas that they had problems. That is an award winning explanation for a UFO sighting, and this from a guy who uses the word “disinform”multiple times earlier in the interview. Doty describes how when people who reported things in the sky that the government knew was ours, they would send out teams to “disinform” people and make them think it was extraterrestrial when it was our own experimental craft. Hard to accept his plea of innocence in the Benowitz case after an admission of being a disinformation agent.

Check out the interview :

Artificial Intelligence Halloween nightmares

I enjoy getting emails from Janelle Shane who posts weirdness created by something called BigGAN, an Artificial Intelligence that generates algorithms. Just in time for Halloween, most of them look inspired by a David Lynch-ian salvia trip, but some are nightmarish and creepy beyond the uncanny valley. This below is the BigGAN algorithm generated version of a stopwatch; what is most disturbing is the script used instead of numbers.

Check out the rest at

BigCAN Algorithm Generated version of a stopwatch, or “how our computer overlords view timepieces”

BigCAN Algorithm Generated version of a stopwatch, or “how our computer overlords view timepieces”

Bigelow's interest in Continuity of Consciousness

Robert Bigelow has been in the news a lot for the past year, between his involvement in the government funded program to study UFO’s, to building a facility to study and store anomalous alloys recovered from UFO’s, to an appearance on “60 Minutes” when he declared his belief in what he called “an ET presence”. So I knew that Bigelow and his facility in Las Vegas have been a focal point for research into UFO’s for decades going back to his establishment of NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) in 1995. But what I didn’t know until I found this quote from John Alexander’s book UFO’s: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities on the VISUP blog:

"... NIDS had been established by a local real estate developer, Robert Bigelow, to examine scientifically two specific anomalous areas. One was the continuation of consciousness beyond physical death, and the other was UFOs..."

So UFO’s were the other area of interest after “continuity of consciousness beyond physical death.” What’s so interesting is that a billionaire established an organization that was in business from 1995 until 2004 to study consciousness but because the other area of interest was UFO’s no one even mentions that. More to come from this.

David Bowie's version of the Co-Creation Hypothesis

I was watching the Netflix documentary on Mick Rock, the famous photographer who I crossed paths with in what seemed to be a previous life but was actually long ago in a galaxy far, far away (New York City in the 1970’s). Rock played a recording of a late night discussion where David Bowie says:

“The artist doesn’t exist. The artist is strictly a figment of the people’s imagination. ...they’re all figments. They don’t exist. ...We’re in the twilight zone. And we’re the original false prophets.”

At the risk of being a Greg Bishop homeboy, I flashed on how how this lined up with his idea of the co-creation hypothesis regarding UFO’s: that it’s somehow a collaboration that requires our input, or presence, or attention. And here’s Bowie saying the artist needs his fan’s imagination to exist. I posted this on the Radio Misterioso FaceBook page and Greg responded:

The artist as a channel through which ideas are made manifest. Nice.

AI + the Akashic Records = RabbitHole

[Warning - thinking about this will keep you up at night but other people are going there and I followed them. Be very careful when you approach the periphery of the rabbit hole, it is very slippery.]

There are a few bloggers who I follow and would recommend:

Rune Soup - Gordon White (

SecretSun - Chris Knowles (

Giza Death Star- Joseph Farrell (

Plus news feeds at:

I love being challenged by people much smarter than me even when I don't agree with their politics. But brilliant posts by brilliant minds open the discussion and some of the comments on these blogs are equally mind expanding. One such post (which I saved but didn't get a web address for) mentioned that a You Tube video by Quinn Michaels commented on the possibility that "AI can achieve time travel into the past and even access the global mind of all mankind on the ethereal (sub-atomic?) plane." I have used the concept of a vast database stored in the cloud as a way of explaining the Akashic records to someone who is computer literate. So think about what happens when an Artificial Intelligence is able to access the Akashic Records as easily as it can access any other database.  The author of this post, who writes under the pseudonym Backstreet Slayer on the Rogue Money blog, does not seem to know about the Akashic Records but perfectly describes them when he warns about AI -

" I do believe they are trying to gather all known human knowledge, past and present, and incorporate it into the giant Global Mind."

"All known human knowledge, past and present" and "the giant global mind" is a spot-on description of the Akashic Records. So what happens when a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence has access to the Records? If AI is on the same path that we are, which is mining the past to raise consciousness and for spiritual progress, when do we bump into them in the Hall of Records? And will they let us share table space or hog all the bandwidth?


Slavery, vortexes and Asheville's prosperity consciousness

“Like my father before me, I’m a workin’ man,

And like my brother before me, who took a rebel stand

He was just 18, proud and brave, but a Yankee put him in his grave

And I swear by the mud below my feet

You can’t raise a Caine back up when he’s in defeat.”

Robbie Robertson channelling Virgil Caine, a mythical Southerner brought to life by Levon Helm’s vocals in The Band’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”

    Not long after spending an afternoon visiting the Vance monument in downtown Asheville, I heard The Band's "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", and was floored by Levon Helm's  vocal performance at The Last Waltz. Levon Helm, singing while doing some amazing drumming, absolutely brings this heartbroken character to life. This may be an example of history happening backwards, because I swear I felt that vow "by the mud below my feet" when I sat in front of the Vance monument in downtown Asheville on that crowded Sunday afternoon. Tourists, locals and their dogs walked by, coffee and chocolate buzzed, while my friends and I tuned in to the energy of that space. The late Page Bryant led me to this spot to feel the energy vortex that she found directly in front of the monument. In her vision, it was the energy of that electrical vortex that drew all the power and money into downtown Asheville, and its interesting to see how the city seemed to grow up around it. But when I tried to tune into it, all I could get was the dark emotional currents of "blood and soil", the resentment against the Yankees coming down and telling the locals how to live, upending their way of life, even if they were mostly questioning the sale of slaves in that very spot. I felt it there, active and alive, part of that energy vortex. It was only when I went behind the monument that I was able to tune into the energy of the vortex that Page described, powerful currents coming from deep below and bubbling up, older than this monument and all the upheaval it celebrates. Gordon White from the Rune Soup blog had an interesting idea for how to handle Confederate monuments - instead of tearing them down, or even re-locating them to museums with explanatory signage, his idea was to let them be, let nature reclaim them. The city of Asheville just spent a controversial sum of money to repair the monument to undo the effects of weather and time, but I like Gordon's approach. Showing the effects of time, vegetation and weather, natural forces acting on concrete and stone tell the story much better, putting in context time and its passing. 

    I thought this had passed through me and dissipated after my vortex visit until I was at the west Asheville library for a MeetUp and saw the exhibit on display. In the way that these deep currents rise back to the surface, the exhibit was on the Vance family estate, with pictures of their homes and land. But one picture captured my attention; it was of the slave quarters as seen from the family home. The accompanying poster described the contribution of slaves to the rapidly growing Asheville economy in the 1800's. A few large family controlled the businesses, which were staffed by slaves owned by these families. According to the poster, by the 1850's, over 50% of the workforce of Asheville were slaves. That meant that less than half of the work force was getting paid anything at all. After reading that, I could barely concentrate on the meeting. I felt the undercurrent of that financial structure all the way into modern times. Asheville is an amazing city, it draws people from all over the world, and many of them come here on vacation and return to buy homes (like I did) and retire (like I plan to). But there is a whisper that is heard but not printed in the tourist brochures. "You can't make any money here. There's no money here (unless you bring it with you). You can't make a living in Asheville." What if this is an echo of that economy that built this city?

    I decided to apply my method of getting a past lives perspective to the city center, so I dove in and dug beneath the surface of this situation. I saw the local economy in modern times and the energy of the people making $10 and $11/hour serving the tourist trade. I asked myself what is behind that, and dug deeper to see turn of the last century Asheville as a rich person's playground, when wealthy East Coasters came here for the mountain air cure and built vacation homes. Digging below that, I saw what became the blood and soil contingent, generations of farmers, traders and businessmen who built this city, and their resentment of outsiders telling them what they can or can't do. Digging deeper I saw the locals running their businesses with slave labor, and how that maximized profits and how that money became the engine that drove Asheville's growth. I dug deeper and realized those "locals" took possession of this land (by whatever means) from the native Americans who called this home, mostly Cherokee. Behind that, I saw the Cherokee living on this astonishingly beautiful and powerful land. And behind that was the land itself, that vortex that Page Bryant clued us into. This was the energy that brought the Cherokee to this land, and that was here before them. My realization was that it all comes back to the soil. I wondered, is it who owns this soil, or is it who honors it, nurtures it, and works with it? They are the ones who get to "swear by the mud below (their) feet" Thats the energy that charges the mud and the soil, not the boots that own it. 

So how does this reflect in Asheville's prosperity consciousness and how do we raise it? Maybe its that energy beneath our feet that draws people here even when they think they're coming for beer, hiking and fine dining. I know that's what's drawing so many of the energy workers and healers coming here, like me, because they need to be here. I keep thinking of Richard Dreyfus' character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, sculpting his inner mountain image in mashed potatoes and shaving cream. I can totally relate; we are responding to a quieter level of obsession, but just as powerful, when we pack our vehicles, drive here and set up shop. We're trying to create something out of what seems like nothing but is actually us plugging into that electrical vortex that we feel even when we don't know its actual location. Maybe our prosperity lies in making a different vow, to swear by the mud below our feet that we're here to honor it, nurture it, protect it?


Welcome to the Celestial Component Blog

This is my space for rants only marginally connected to past lives research, dealing more with my other areas of obsession - what the mainstream refers to as 'paranormal' but I think is just to the left of normal:

-UFO's and the non-Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH);

-apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and other interactions with non-corporeal beings;

-channeled information and how it has slipped into the mainstream;

-energetic healing modalities like EFT, TFT, Qi Gong;

-ancient aliens pro and con;

-fairies, folklore, magick and the story behind the story.

The title is an homage to Jaques Vallee, who introduced the concept of multiple components of our interactions with the "Other". 

Celestial - 

1: of, relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity  

  • celestial beings

2: of or relating to the sky or visible heavens  

  • the sun, moon, and stars are celestial bodies

3a : ethereal, other worldly

  • celestial music

b : olympian, supreme

Those definitions about cover it. Welcome aboard.