The Past Lives Podcast interview with Stephen H. Martin and a double Sync

There is an interesting podcast out of the UK called “The Past Lives Podcast” with 57 episodes to date. The most recent podcast was an interview with Stephen H. Martin who has a new book compiling the wisdom of Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet for his ability to channel medical and spiritual wisdom. I talked about Cayce in an earlier blog post/review of Many Mansions, one of the earliest books about Cayce.

Martin had this to say about a topic that has come up in my MeetUps and from some of the experiences of people in the group explorations:

“What (Cayce) said was, we are spiritual beings, we are eternal, we are created by God… and we were created for companionship; to be co-creators with God. Now one of the things we were given was free will; we can decide to cooperate with God or not to cooperate with God, we decide… Whatever we want, whether its good or whether its bad, we have free will. And one of the things that we humans did is explore all of creation, which is multi-dimensional.… This Earth is only one of many different realms that if you’re a spiritual being you can explore. And apparently we humans… wanted to experience this 3 dimensional reality which was inhabited by… animals and trees and fish… and no humans. We really weren’t meant to be here, this was not created necessarily for us in the beginning, but we forced our way in. And the only was you can get in to this dimension is through a living being, not necessarily human but at first apparently we came in through the animal kingdom, and things like centaurs,… the minotaur. The… combination of animal and human beings was something that happened way way back. Eventually we arrived at the ape-like creature and began incarnating through that.”

I am not presenting this as fact; thid is Martin’s speaking based on his research into Cayce. I have no verification of this concept from Cayce’s writings, and am not really interested in further research into Cayce. The religiosity of his “channeling” is suspicious, as is the astonishing coincidence that so many of the people whose past lives he accessed were described as being close to and associated with the historical Jesus. I resonate with the idea that we are created by God (or the Source) to be co-creators, but the idea that we “forced our way into” physicality as humans is radical, as is the idea of human/animal hybrids as being factual.

My only experience with this phenomena is that, when I do group mini-dives into the happiest previous experience, occasionally someone will come back and report having been an animal. Someone described a happy existence as a giraffe in last week’s MeetUp and previously someone reported being a dolphin, on both cases they were intensely positive experiences. I have not had this experience myself, so I can’t weigh in on this but there is some synchronicity in hearing Edgar Cayce referring to consciousnesses inhabiting animal “bodies” just after someone in my MeetUp reported that same experience.

There is a 2nd sync when Martin claims Cayce as the source of the quote I reconfigured in my last post. Talking about communicating with the dead, Martin says:

“People who communicate with the dead, and ask them questions, are fooling themselves if they think they’re always getting the right answers because they’re probably not. As Edgar Cayce said, ‘Just because your grandmother’s dead doesn’t mean that she knows more now than she did when she was alive.’ She’s still that same entity.”

Cursory internet searching was unable to provide verification of this as being Cayce’s original idea which I always attributed to Mary LaBay, but it is in the interview at approximately 46:00.

The book is “Edgar Cayce- The Meaning of Life and What To Do About It” by Stephen H. Martin

Example of why I use EFT tapping in my Past Lives Sessions, or “Tapping not slapping”

Here’s a perfect example of why I am using EFT tapping in my past lives sessions. Reading Roger Woolger’s “Other Lives, Other Selves,” I came across this passage. 

“Some researchers become so caught up in their historical detective stories that the rememberer’s feelings are sometimes callously ignored. There is a rather shocking part of the well-known Bloxham tapes in which the hypnotherapist, Arnall Bloxham, regressed a certain Graham Huxtable to a life as an eighteenth-century sailor. In a deep trance, reliving a battle at sea, Huxtable, as the sailor, has his leg blown off and screams uncontrollably. Bloxham apparently slaps his face to bring him out of trance and assures him that his leg is still intact.”

No need for corporal punishment in past lives sessions, just a suggestion of gentle tapping on various meridian points on the face, body and hands will suffice.

Just because you’re on the Galactic Council doesn’t mean you’re smart.

The brilliant blogger Red Pill Junkie wrote an article for that alerted me to an interview on the podcast “Tangentially Speaking” with James Fadiman, one of the early psychedelic researchers alongside Leary and Alpert and godfather of the modern “microdosing”movement. Here he is talking about addiction and other culture’s versions of entities:

I looked at that and thought, “we have a very well-established truth that if you cut your hand open, it is opportunistic for various bacteria and viruses to get in there, and they don’t have any desire to help you. They simply are going to eat as much and as fast as they can, and should you die from that they will swear they didn’t intend it.”   And I thought, “what if mental illness was like a wound?” Let’s say you have a trauma –some sexual terrible thing– and you are hurt. But the wound is open, and then the spirits that feed off of trauma –or depression, or what the body does with alcohol, or what the physical changes are with porn– infect you. And then you go to therapy, you go to meetings and you take anti-depressants, and all that helps you; but the wound is really open because the beings feasting on it are keeping it open.   Then –let’s skip Western medicine here– you go to a shaman, and the shaman says: ‘My spiritual allies and I can see that you are being eaten by anger demons. And I am going to help them leave you, because I can help them both get out and go to some better place.… So I’m really looking at going back to what Pasteur discovered –which is you make an opening in the physical level, physical things come and they can harm you, but your system is designed to keep them out– and I’m now beginning to see that the mental system may have the same set of problems.   

…if we lined up 1000 cultures, 850 of them would say: “Yes, there are these spirits from the upper worlds and the lower worlds, and they interact with human beings, and some of them like to help you –just as human beings like to help others– and some of them really just want to harm you, because that’s their nature.”

Now combine that with this quote from Alex Tsakiris’ Skeptiko podcast interview with Gordon White:

“But I’ll tell you that, having spoken to a number of demons, they will flat out say, “Yeah, we’re trolling people. They think they’re talking to the Galactic Federation, that’s us, motherf*#ker!”

Colorful language aside, I don’t think Gordon was being flippant. His information, direct from his ongoing communication with non-physical intelligences, tells him that these non-physical intelligences are taking advantage of the too trusting nature of channelers, but for what purpose?  Just for giggles? Or possibly something more sinister considering how much is invested in this channeled information. Wrestling with that, I posted a comment on the Mysterious Universe site and RPJ (as he is known to the cool kids in the back of the lunch room) responded:

I think I agree with Gordon's remarks. I once coined the term 'Trollien' to depict non-human entities that like to pick on us. Mind you, I'm not even sure we should believe them when they call themselves 'demons'. That may be like some lowclass street thug calling himself a 'gangster' just to give himself airs and impress people. Like 'alien', 'demon' is a very loaded term in the Western world.

I think “trollian” is a brilliant concept. It jibes perfectly with the opportunistic aspect that Fadiman referenced, plus it diminishes their power. But here are 2 of my favorite writer/researchers, and both fully accept “non-human entities that like to pick on us.” Double plus, it throws this back to discernment, or the lack of it in the channelling community. And in the past lives community. Every time I talk about my work I have to answer questions about “Why are there so many Cleopatras out there?” I remind them that they didn’t appear on my watch or in my work. But I am feeling the need to update my favorite quote from Mary LaBay “Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you’re smart.”-

Just because you’re a Pleadian or on the Galactic Council doesn’t mean you’re smart.

I am merely advocating for discernment and not dismissing the entire channelling movement. (Some of my best friends and favorite people are channels!) But questioning the motives of the source of this information is rarely done and sorely needed. My criticism of many beginner Akashic Records readers is the inability to get past the filter of their own belief systems. Then Gordon White and RPJ advocate for at least considering the motivations of these non-physical consciousnesses that choose to interact with physical beings. I propose that it is our duty, if we truly want to advance our awareness, to look behind the curtain at the wizards giving us directions and examine our relationship to these consciousnesses. The questions that need to be asked are:

-who are these non-physical consciousnesses that are communicating with me

- why are these non-physical consciousnesses talking through my physical being,

-what is my relation to them if any, and

-since I see this physical world through the lens of a past lives perspective, can this be unfinished business playing out in detail in the physical body in our present timeline. UFO researcher and writer Robbie Graham described this perfectly: 

“…One should always be cautious and dispassionate whenever that voice from within insists: I’m special.’”

Dolores Cannon and our origin story

I’ve been listening to Dolores Cannon on her You Tube channel and I have to admit I really enjoy watching someone from my mother’s generation talk about past lives and communication with aliens while patting her perm. What I found out from this video is that Dolores started out as a hypnotist and even she admits that you no longer need to go through the long drawn out “follow the shiny object” process to get people into hypnosis. Then she talks about how, like Brian Weiss, she stumbled into this work while hypnotizing someone for overeating, and that person went back to Chicago in the 1920’s, the first of 5 lives Dolores explored with this woman. But she put it aside to raise what she describes as a large family, and only when facing her empty nest did she restart the work she is known for. This means that Dolores may have been working in the same vein as the Swygards at the same time in the late 1960’s, although following the hypnosis path. This quote jumped out an hour into this lecture, and perfectly aligns with the Awareness Techniques:

God was this huge bright light, and … he was lonely, he wanted to create others. This is when he burst out, this is the “Big Bang Theory” when he burst out into millions and billions of particles. Now when I take you back to what you really are, all you are is a tiny little spark of light; a tiny little spark, that’s all you are. So at that point they all shot out in all directions. Some of these little sparks became planets, some became galaxies, and many of them became individual souls. 

I have many clients who ask “I want to know where I came from.” Well, we all came from the same place… They all came from God, from the Source, and when they shot out, it was like God said, “Go and learn, my children, learn everything you can and bring it back to me.”

Now. I have no idea if Dolores Cannon ever heard of the Awareness Techniques, but its even more astounding if the information she got from her source led her to the same concept as the Swygards. Look at how closely these 2 quotes line up:


“Go and learn, my children, learn everything you can and bring it back to me.”

William and Diane Swygard:

“Go, know My Creation, and return it to Me.”

Dolores Cannon’s YouTube channel contains whole lectures, not just video snippets, and its a great resource, even if like me, you don’t agree with everything she says. Like back drop people. (Google it if you want to dive into a deep rabbit hole.)

Bruce Springsteen Past Lives Quotation

Bruce Springsteen, in the Netflix film of his “Springsteen on Broadway” one man show, gave an incredibly moving tribute to his late sax player and long time band member Clarence Clemons, who’s nickname was “Big Man”. Since all roads lead to past lives in this journey I am on, I was moved to hear Bruce describe their relationship as one that extends beyond this present incarnation:

“If I were a mystic I guess Clarence and my friendship would lead me to believe that we, we stood together in other older times, you know, in other lives, along other rivers, in other ancient cities, in other fields, workin’ side by side, with the sun settin’, doin’ our modest version of God’s work. I’ll see you in the next life, Big Man.”

Creep Geeks interview posted

I had a great talk with Greg and Omi from the always entertaining CreepGeeks podcast this week. Great conversation covering a wide range of paranormal topics besides my past lives work, including ghosts, aliens and whether Bigfoot is an inferior creature because it can’t drive itself to Waffle House. Their podcast is now available on iTunes so I’ve been catching up on their recent shows. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Another interesting Past Life article

Another article turned up, this time by a young woman with a neuroscience degree, who pursues her interest in past lives. The author Suzannah Weiss worked with a shaman, a life coach doing a guided meditation, a 2nd shaman/reiki master/doctor of natural medicine, and a hypnotist. Suzannah didn't seem to have a satisfactory experience, as her main comment is the thought that she’s making it up, but felt that “the lessons I learned throughout this process were valuable.”

Most interesting to me was the life coach who directed her to:

“look down and tell her what kind of shoes I was wearing, working upward to my whole outfit.”

Classic Awareness Techniques, and once again from someone who most likely never heard of the Awareness Techniques. I’m encouraged that young New Yorkers (who are probably living in my old neighborhood) are interested enough in exploring past lives to pursue and write about their experiences. I just wish they could try the actual Awareness Techniques.

Great Past Lives Regression article

Interesting article from a guy who apparently got his mind blown by a past lives journey. He describes it like taking “ayahuasca cut with Mountain Dew Code Red.” Writer Will Fulton worked with Ann Barham, who’s been doing this long enough to have the web address That’s a good website; she has a questionnaire posted where every question can be answered by getting a past lives perspective. My attitude completely! And with props to the Awareness Techniques, Fulton’s journey started with:

“We started from the bottom and worked our way up. I saw my bare feet in a dust-swept valley. “

That’s Swygard’s instructions which have been absorbed into the mainstream of past life regression hypnosis, and I bet Ann Barham never heard of the Awareness Techniques or William and Diane Swygard. But what is most impressive about Fulton’s article is his takeaway:

The vision of past/possibly-made-up-me was a lot like me-me. The same flaws that hindered my life "back then" live on in the present… (S)keptic or not, the journey of past-life regression is not a passage to be taken lightly. If nothing else, you will face some uncomfortable truths(.)

“I Visited a Past-Life Therapist and It Literally Changed My (Current) Life” by Wil Fulton

Hijacked Orwell/Santayana Quotations

I am totally guilty of hijacking George Orwell’s amazing quotation from his novel “1984” but it made me smile when I saw it today. The Orwell quote was in a Daily Beast article about how the “number of students choosing to major in history at the nation’s major colleges has plummeted” according to the American Historical Association. So yes, I know Orwell is speaking of the study of history so we aren’t “doomed to repeat it” as Santayana is widely misquoted.. But in the context of past lives explorations, and uncovering the subtle energies that filter into our daily lives, its golden:

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

I believe this past lives work allows us to control our past history and keep it from ruling our present,

And this is George Santayana’s original text, often misquoted but equally applicable:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Happy New Year 2019 Quotation/Updated 1/6/19

The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.

Carl Sagan

I posted this on January 4th. On January 6th, I attended Sunday mass at Jubilee in downtown Asheville, and in the first sync of 2019, the choir sang the Disney classic “When You Wish Upon a Star” written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for Walt Disney's 1940 carton adaptation of Pinocchio. I was blown away by these lyrics, composed decades before Abraham/Hicks:

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires will come to you.

If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

As dreamers do.

Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true.

So if we are made of “star-stuff” then how does it feel to think of yourself as the way the Universe/God/Source knows and experiences itself? Remember, no request is too extreme.

Tapping Into Past Lives*

(*Acknowledging that Australian author and EFT trainer Jenny Johnston already has a book out of this title, its an awesome title for this chapter!)

I was having a phone/Zoom conversation with my friend Debra who does QHHT, Dolores Cannon’s interesting technique that goes into past lives and other interesting places. When Debra asked about my EFT certification training, I offered to do some tapping so she could appreciate this powerful technique. I asked if she had any fears or phobias, and she immediately came up with “I hate snakes. If someone even mentions that they have a pet snake at home, I get the creeps.” Perfect for EFT I thought. So we established her base line discomfort on snakes, what it was she disliked about them, and started doing some tapping. After a few rounds, I kept Debra tapping on the collar bone point and asked her to say her own words to describe what she was feeling. 

Debra: “I feel like I’m in a pit, surrounded by poisonous snakes.”

That got my attention. When the client’s own words describe something that is a degree of complexity above the presenting situation, my thoughts go to a past lives issue rising to the surface. In Debra’s case, being afraid of snakes lead to a feeling of being attacked by snakes, with the added details that the snakes were poisonous and being trapped in a pit. 

Now for the last year or so in my MeetUps, we have been doing group journeys using a positive emotion as a bridge to the past life. This has worked extremely well, 80-90% of the participants are accessing a past life AND the positive emotions that drew them to that particular life. But in Debra’s case, tapping in the present on fear of snakes brought up a deeply uncomfortable emotion and accompanying physical sensations, so I decided to try using this negative emotion as a bridge to a past life experience. With no induction, just following the emotion, Debra was able to feel the body that was going through a nightmarish experience. She described her clothing as a white wrap-around garment, and there were 2 large men on either side of her carry/dragging her forward. She described trying to use her feet to slow them down “like the Flintstone’s cartoon (great 60’s reference)” until they got to a hole in the ground. Since we both had an awareness of what happens next, I told her to go backwards in time to the events that led to this situation. She saw herself as a servant girl tasked with pouring the wine at a fancy feast. When she was approaching her “master’s” place at the table, she accidentally spilled some wine on his sleeve and watched in horror as the stain spread as the cloth absorbed the dark red wine. There was no yelling, just a simple wave of the hand and 2 men appeared at her side and dragged her away. Then she found herself at the edge of this pit. We tapped on her fear at what she new was about to happen, and I did not feel the need for her to go through the whole sequence of being attacked by multiple snakes. So I moved her forward to the events just after she left the body, and we had an enjoyable between lives session where we examined how this applied to her present life. 

We were both astonished at what just happened; Debra because she learned the power of EFT tapping when confronting physical and emotional traumas, and myself, because I just used a negative emotion brought to the surface by EFT tapping to access the core issue behind that fear, which as I expected was in a past life. I have now completed a series of sessions all starting with EFT tapping on current issues that lead to a core issue from a previous incarnation. Progress and a new (but unconventional* and off label") use of EFT tapping!

*For the record, I still do classic EFT sessions that don’t lead to past lives. It is only when the clients own words lead the way that we pursue a core issue from a previous life.

Regressionist = Archeologist of the soul?

The science of exploring the mysteries of the human soul — the part of us that is most human — is called “mysticism,” and the explorers who study it are known as regressionists. Their work is analogous to that of archaeologists, who study sites and artifacts of historic or prehistoric peoples. Regressionists, the ar­chaeologists of the soul, dig through the strata and sub-strata of memory rather than through the records of geology. They sift through the potsherds of a bro­ken past, discovering what may be of value and what may be discarded as unimportant or even harmful. They reassemble mosaics for a clearer view of the ancient ways of past lives.

”Life Patterns, Soul Lessons, and Forgiveness”

Henry Leo Bolduc 1994

(Wondering how “Bobby Baranowski - Archeologist of the Soul” would look on my new cards. Vote in the comments.)

Carol Bowman Quotation

Past life memories are the autobiography of your eternal soul-—personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on Earth…Past life regression is healing.  You were born not as a blank slate, but as a soul rich with both the wisdom and scars from many lifetimes.

Carol Bowman

I recently discovered that Carol Bowman formerly lived in Asheville NC. Her website, carol, contains “the oldest and largest reincarnation discussion forum on the Internet”, which started in 1997. Now living and working in Media PA, Carol is the author of 2 books on children’s past lives.

Great Mitch Horowitz Quotation (and advice)

I’m currently reading “The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality” because a) I could use a miracle and b) I read everything that Mitch Horowitz writes. I became a fan after discovering an audiobook version of his “Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic History of Our Nation”, which has become my reference guide to New Thought and the (mostly) American prosperity and positive thinking movements. Here he references Wallace Wattles 1910 classic “The Science of Getting Rich” in a quotation that I offer as advice for anyone doing this past (and between) lives work as a spiritual journey:

“The finest thing you can do to honor the memory of this good man-and to advance on your own path in life- is to heed his advice: go and experiment with the capacities of your mind. Go and try. And if you experience results, do as he did: tell the people.”

Standing on my digital soapbox I recommend doing the work of exploring your inner world, then tell me and others what worked for you. We are all on this journey together, and one person’s success can be the “spiritual 4 minute mile”. It was assumed that man was incapable of running a mile in under 4 minutes until in 1954 Roger Bannister broke it by six-tenths of a second. Since then over a thousand runners have passed this formerly impossible time.

“Was there a sudden growth spurt in human evolution? Was there a genetic engineering experiment that created a new race of super runners? No. What changed was the mental model. The runners of the past had been held back by a mindset that said they could not surpass the four-minute mile. When that limit was broken, the others saw that they could do something they had previously thought impossible.”

(The Power of Impossible Thinking, Yoram Wind and Colin Crook)

But it probably wouldn’t have happened as rapidly if people hadn’t heard that Bannister broke the record and then went out to better his time. Since then others followed him through what was thought to be an impenetrable barrier, and the record is now almost 17 seconds below Bannister’s achievement.

So- do this past lives work for yourself, or contact me for a series of sessions, to push the limits of your own mind and consciousness, and notice how it changes your mental model. Then share both your struggles and your successes, and let me know or tell your tribe what you accomplished.

NY Times article has a unique spin on reincarnation and karma

This article by Michelle Alexander is the first mention of politics on this blog but is worthwhile because of its unique approach to the issue:

“The prospect of being reborn as a poor person in a world ravaged by climate change could lead us to very different political decisions.”

In other words, if you assume you’re coming back for another incarnation in a physical body on this planet, consider how we are treating this planet that we are coming back to, and that we may return as someone of a different sex, race or social status. Michelle addresses whether we switch from perpetrator to victim in succeeding lives:

“Would we fail to respond with care and compassion to the immigrant at the border today if we thought we might find ourselves homeless, fleeing war and poverty, in the next life?”

I haven’t talked about climate change and social issues here because I’m taking the broader, more spiritual perspective. But Michelle Alexander beautifully focuses on the personal intersecting with the political in examine the ideas of John Rawls and his idea of the “veil of ignorance”-

In his landmark 1971 book, “A Theory of Justice,” the political philosopher John Rawls urged his audience to imagine a wild scene: A group of people gathered to design their own future society behind “a veil of ignorance.” No one knows his or her place in society, class position or social status, “nor does he know his fortune in the distribution of natural assets and abilities, his intelligence and strength and the like.” As Rawls put it, “If a man knew that he was wealthy, he might find it rational to advance the principle that various taxes for welfare measures be counted unjust; if he knew he was poor, he would most likely propose the contrary principle.” If denied basic information about one’s circumstances, Rawls predicted that important social goods, such as rights and liberties, power and opportunities, income and wealth, and conditions for self-respect would be “distributed equally unless an unequal distribution of any or all of these values is to everyone’s advantage…

Rawls was right: True morality becomes possible only when we step outside the box of our perceived self-interest and care for others as much as we care for ourselves. But rather than imagining a scenario in which we’re entirely ignorant of what the future holds, perhaps we ought to imagine that we, personally, will be born again into the world that we are creating today through our collective and individual choices.

Yes, if we are going to be born again into this physical world, and that’s a big IF, consider the shape of the world that you left behind and how you might want to be treated the next time around.

Pew Research data on new age belief

According to this recent survey, 33% of Americans express belief in reincarnation. That breaks down to 39% of women and only 27% of men, with the highest % of belief in the youngest.

(Which would explain why there are more women in my MeetUps and in my practice than men.)

Michael Talbot's Past Lives: A Reincarnation Handbook

I am familiar with writer/researcher Michael Talbot because of his incredible book “The Holographic Universe” but did not know until today that he was an avid past lives researcher. In 1987 he published “Past Lives: A Reincarnation Handbook” and I can’t think of anything else in this format of a how-to book for past lives work. Talbot has obviously done a lot of his own past lives explorations, and is one of those lucky enough to remember their previous incarnations well into his childhood. This book covers keeping a past lives journal and explores a wide variety of techniques including dreaming, meditation and self-hypnosis, guided meditations (including the Christos technique, more on that below), Active Imagination, and exploring with a past life therapist or psychic. He even has his own technique called the Resonance Method and this quote from Yogananda sums up Talbot’s Resonance Method:

“Through analysis of your present strong tendencies you can pretty accurately surmise what kind of life you led before.”

Paramahansa Yogananda, Man’s Eternal Quest

Talbot describes this as:

“a special draw that you feel toward some things and not others when there is no logical reason in this life for you to feel the way you do.”

“One of the easiest ways for you to begin to decipher your past lives is simply to analyze your current psychological makeup. Many past-life researchers believe that past-life origins can be found not only for current emotional and physical problems, moods, habits, talents, and ways of relating with people, but even for food preferences, clothing tastes, nuances of personality, facial expressions, and body language. By determining which of these various pieces of yourself are holdovers from other lives, you can begin to formulate certain pictures of who and what you've been before. This is what the Resonance Method will help you do… As you use the Resonance Method, remember one cardinal rule: No single piece of information means anything. Pieces of information only start to mean something when they fit together into larger pictures.”

Interestingly, he references the Christos Technique as one of the best methods for 2 person explorations, and even mentions “a Massachusetts couple named Diane and William Swygard” as the originators. But in a pre-internet age, with William Swygard’s death in 1981 and the books out of print, Talbot had no way of knowing that the Christos Technique was Swygard’s technique, using the same instructions that the Swygard’s mailed from their Miami, Florida home in the previous years. At the very least Talbot says in print what I have been saying in my presentations: “Whatever its origins, the Christos Technique has become an established part of the past-life-recall repertoire, and variations of it can now be found in numerous sources”. More on Christos in a future post.

Going deeper into the book, Talbot offers this excellent advice on the method of working with a psychic:

“Just as a talent to play the piano in itself tells you nothing about the integrity or wisdom of the person playing the piano, a talent for paranormal functioning does not necessarily imply an equal gift in the areas of compassion, ethics, or spiritual wisdom…(N)o matter how talented a sensitive is, the information he channels will always be at least slightly colored and distorted by the mere fact that it is passed through him.”

Then Talbot writes one of the rare criticisms of Edgar Cayce for his “tendency to tell a statistically preponderant number of the people who came to him for past-life readings that they had had a lifetime in which they had known and talked with Christ.” Boom!

Which leads to this advice on discernment:

“(I)f you see an image of Marilyn Monroe, do not automatically assume that you have some sort of past-life association with Marilyn Monroe. Instead, ask yourself what Marilyn Monroe represents to you on an archetypal or symbolic level, and see if that image helps you unravel the message your unconscious is giving you.”

Talbot was obviously influenced by the work of various channels who deliver wisdom from beyond the mortal perspective and speaks highly of Jane Roberts’ Seth. He seems to have been in communication with what he calls a “trance entity” named James who was channeled by Jane Roberts’ longtime editor Tam Mossman. I was unfamiliar with “James” but an internet search revealed that Mossman published his own book, Answers from a Grander Self, in 1990 which I will add to the ever growing list of books I need to read. “James” has some interesting ideas on time and suggests that instead of past lives they be referred to as adjacent lives. That’s a rabbit hole I’ll be exploring in the future.

Talbot, who passed away in 1992, has written an excellent guide to past lives explorations. This out-of-print book is an awesome addition to my ever expanding library and is highly recommended.

Your Past Lives - A Reincarnation Handbook, 1987