Ads Promising Controlled Reincarnation in 1963?

Thanks to for this reminder of the “good old days” of 1963, when this ad appeared in Fate magazine promising “Controlled Reincarnation” by practicing Druidism. Talk about lost wisdom! Apparently, 56 years ago you could access the knowledge enabling you to choose your next incarnation, “how that body shall look, and how great shall be its mind,” something none of the more modern systems can promise. And it was (allegedly) free! I love the illustration of what appears to be Adam and Eve and the Golden Child superimposed over a sunrise (or set), and the hook, “Find Excitement, Prosperity, and Spiritual Vigor in This Life and the Next.” (Vigor is an underused word in my humble opinion.) Obviously this was an advertisement aimed at a much less sophisticated buying public, an indication that we have made progress, but alerting our modern selves to the early New Age movement from the 1960’s, and the birth of interest in past lives and esoteric wisdom from ancient traditions.

Interesting, a google search revealed that there is still an active Druid school in Wheatridge, Colorado, where this ad’s post office box was located, with an up-to-date website, Coincidence, or a Druidism hot-spot?

(Don’t let the title scare you, this site has lots more interesting ads from Fate magazine, still in publication and based in Hendersonville, a mere 30 minutes from my fortress of solitude in Western North Carolina.)


Great Gordon White quotation

I’m a follower of Gordon White’s Rune Soup blog and podcast, even when I disagree with his politics or can’t follow his discussion about chaos magic. But this quotation resonated with me:

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, make sure to find the others as soon as possible.

In his 9/25/19 blog post, he updated that to:

Finding the others is now a moral and cosmic obligation.

I acknowledge his sense of urgency. Who are these mysterious “Others?” You’ll now when you find them. They’re your tribe, and I agree, finding your tribe as soon as possible is the best possible course of action to survive, progress and share that progress (and your mis-steps also.)

Dick Sutphen Retirement Announcement and a Great Quotation

Dick Sutphen is the formerly Sedona-based author of many books including You Were Born to Be Together (from 1976!) and my favorite, Past Life Therapy in Action. He announced his retirement (and a return to painting) in the latest email to his followers. Sutphen left with this beautiful quotation I’d like to share:

Think of your Higher Self as an artist and your lower self as the picture you will paint. Your Higher Self is your karmically created character, and your lower self is your physical body—your traits, habits, and emotions. In each incarnation karma presents you, the artist, with an opportunity to paint your life picture. Do not confuse yourself with your picture. You are already a fully self-actualized, enlightened soul, who has only to project this awareness into your work.

We forget that we are the artists and not the painting, when we allow the painting to become our reality when we could be calling upon our buried talent to change the areas of the picture that are not working. We can erase portions of the picture and start again, painting a new image in bright, joyous colors.

As a life long drummer and musician, I appreciate that editing our own work, knowing what NOT to play, is sometimes the best approach to making art. And I applaud Sutphen’s pro-active approach to this past lives work; the artist’s metaphor depicts that perfectly. The power is with us to take these past life bleed-throughs and triggers, confront them in full consciousness, and experience the transformation that is possible when willing to look into all of our corners, whether light or dark. Sutphen was one of the pioneers in confronting our shadows, and he bravely did it in public and in a group setting! I regret not having the opportunity to train with him but appreciate his contribution to the field of past life explorations.

Feel it to heal it? Absolutely!

I just finished reading Barbara Pomar’s book “Confessions of a Regressionist” and was impressed with the depth and breadth of her research. She dove deeply into the quantum physics aspects of past lives and even tackled the time conundrum*, no small task without a large roll of duct tape to keep your brains from exploding out of your skull. Here is one of the quotations that I pulled regarding one of the major issues people have with their initial journeys into past lives:

“(P)sychologist W. P. Hull came to the conclusion that: If the patient has not had an experience, he/she cannot have a feeling. No amount of suggestion can cause feeling. We come into this world with the ability to feel, but we do not feel until or unless something happens. There is a big difference between feeling and imagination. We can imagine almost anything, but you cannot feel anything unless you have had an experience to cause it. "

I always stress to my clients that the emotions that arise are the key to healing; I guess this makes me a member of the “feel it to heal it” school of energy medicine. But this is absolutely true with past lives - it has to be an experience and the emotional aspect is what enables us to own it. In the group past life mini-dives that I do at workshops, the goal is to access a glimpse of one’s happiest, most joyful and fulfilled past life, even if it is just an episode in that life. This has multiple advantages: it feels GREAT, and it sets the pathway for emotions to be the avenue to connect with our previous personalities. I’m grateful that Pomar reminded me that:

“(Hans) TenDam suggests that in discerning a psychodrama from a past life, the regressionist needs to ask for emotions and bodily sensations.

Which is what we do at my MeetUps and workshops: experiential dives into past lives. Even in a group setting, people are invited to feel the emotions and bodily sensations from a past life personality, almost always one that has a message for our present day self. And in a one-on-one session, we have 90 minutes to 2 hours to explore this in depth.

Pomar’s book is only $3.99 in the Amazon Kindle store:

*the time conundrum is an attempt to address the many faceted aspects of time: whether time and our various past lives are actually sequential, or whether everything is happening at once; whether time lines can overlap, or whether a consciousness can inhabit more than one physical body at the same time; or the idea that every decision splits off into a new timeline (the Many Worlds Theory). It’s a deep rabbit hole that I’ll be addressing in the future.


I’m an admirer of Mary LaBay’s past lives work, and in her latest email newsletter, she perfectly captures the best attitude to adopt when doing this work for the first time:

To suspend disbelief during a past life regression, simply give yourself permission to experience whatever thoughts, visions, experiences, or ideas come your way, without judgment or criticism. Once you let in all the information that wants to come your way, you can sift through it to hone the accuracy…When we don’t allow ourselves to believe in past lives long enough to allow the flow of memories, we will not be able to receive the valuable insights and lessons awaiting us.

My version of that advice was inspired by Gail Gulick, who’s shamanic journeying circle I have been attending (and drumming at) for 3 years:

Trust the first image.

Giving yourself permission, allowing, suspending disbelief, receiving; these are the concepts that allow us to open the door to these life changing experiences.


While prepping for my last workshop, I had this thought to present this past life work, the deepest and most interesting part of it, as a solution to world peace. Not in a flippant way. The question becomes::

How can you be prejudiced against anyone else due to color, race, religion, class, sex or sexual identity, or even economics when you have likely already been someone of that race, religion, skin color, sex or economic class? When you’ve already been the opposite of what you are now? And having lived from that other side of the equation, we are now given the opportunity to experience how we treated others when we were privileged, or how we thought about the people who treated us badly?

Rich or poor; black, white, brown or yellow; upper or lower class. These are all just roles that we are playing, temporarily, in order to have an experience that teaches us a lesson. So skip ahead and acknowledge that we are all one and set your intention to make better choices from that awareness.

Here is Brian Weiss’ wisdom on this topic:

An understanding of past lives teaches us to end all bigotry and prejudice. Over our many lifetimes we have been all races, all religions, both sexes, and many nationalities. We have to learn from all sides. We are all the same. Karmic forces will pull you to any group you oppress if you do not learn this lesson.

Contact me for a session when you’re ready to get a past life perspective and explore the other side of the equation that you find yourself on in this present life,

Richard Feynman Mystery Quotation

I had a conversation with someone at a MeetUp and their philosophy, installed by their trusted guru, was “We are not supposed to know our past lives.” I have my own answer to that. Their guru’s advice was probably given in the 1960’s or ‘70’s, based on the best information available at that time, but that was 40-50 years ago. I trust that we have made significant progress since then and need to put that advice in the context of the era in which it is given. But the universe posing as the internet came up with a better answer to the question. It comes from Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist who is also a teacher, philosopher and (this made him near and dear to my heart) a DRUMMER.:

It does not do harm to the mystery to know a little about it.”

Feynman was talking about science but I see it in a larger context of Mystery with a capital M. If we consider life (including our past lives) to be a mystery, then follow William Swygard’s advice and “Ask questions, questions, questions, questions.”

Here’s a link to the longer original quote on my blog:

Scott De Tamble & the 3D Chess Board Image

I heard an excellent interview with Scott De Tamble on the Past Lives Podcast out of the UK. De Tamble is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Southern California and was trained by Michael Newton in Life Between Lives. I like De Tamble's take on Newton's work; most “Newton-ians” adhere to the checklist of between lives stages- meeting spirit guide, life review, going before the council, etc. The people who are attracted to my working process have a much more individual experience and don’t feel cheated if they don’t hit all those checkpoints, and De Tamble acknowledges Newton’s need to organize as a trained hypnotherapist. De Tamble also cites Dick Sutphen as an influence and related this metaphor from Sutphen (for which I was unable to find a direct quote):

“I don’t know if you remember the original Star Trek, they had this 3D chess board that they would play… If you imagine a glass chess board that you could see through, and you put it up… at eye level, and then you had 1 piece on that chess board, say, you’re a King in this life, each chess board would be a life. Then you have a thousand other chess boards, below the next one, the next one below, below, below. So if you’re on top, looking down, you see all of these lives, all of these pieces moving around in this incredible dance of … existence. And so, if on chess board number 69 you’re a pawn and you move from this space to that space, it affects the entire game. And so its easy to think that a decision I make in this current life will affect my future lives, that’s sort of easy to understand. But with that concept, a decision I make in this life will also affect all of my past lives, because its like one big dance going on at once.”

Here’s one more quote from this interview (link below):

Its a testing ground, the earth and other physical spaces.

Welcome to the dance, y’all.

Scott De Tamble’s website is:

Henry Ford Reincarnation Quotation: "GENIUS IS EXPERIENCE"

In an interview that appeared in the San Francisco Examiner on 26 August 1928, (Henry Ford) explained his belief:

I adopted the theory of Reincarnation when I was twenty six. Religion offered nothing to the point. Even work could not give me complete satisfaction. Work is futile if we cannot utilise [sic] the experience we collect in one life in the next. When I discovered Reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan I realised [sic] that there was a chance to work out my ideas. Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock. Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives. Some are older souls than others, and so they know more. The discovery of Reincarnation put my mind at ease. If you preserve a record of this conversation, write it so that it puts men’s minds at ease. I would like to communicate to others the calmness that the long view of life gives to us.

Henry Ford Knew!


I Googled the Pleadies to determine the correct spelling for the previous blog post and found this (Its from Gaia so you know its true….)

Subaru is the Japanese word for “Pleiades,” and the company logo, an oval with six four-point stars, represents the Pleiades star cluster. The word also means “united,” apt, because the Subaru corporation was formed by the merger of five companies.

There is an interesting article on their site that accumulates a lot of esoteric information from disparate sources about the Pleadians:

Here’s the non-woo-woo version from

The name Subaru is Japanese, meaning ‘unite’. It’s also a term for a cluster of six stars in the Taurus constellation, named 'Pleiades' by the ancient Greeks. According to Greek mythology, these stars were once Atlas’ daughters. The six-star cluster featured in the Subaru badge design is known in Japan as mutsuraboshi, meaning ‘six stars’.

Who knew? Especially since I am living in the mountains of Western North Carolina where the “official” vehicle seems to be the 4-wheel drive Subaru Outback.


"Past Life Bleed-through" article

I am not familiar with the work of Nora Herald and I usually prescribe extreme discernment when dealing with material downloaded from a Pleiadian source (remember, just because you’re from the Pleiadies doesn’t mean you’re smart!) But this was an interesting article I can recommend based on my own personal experiences. The “bleed through” is from a past life relationship with someone who enters our present life and, seemingly without effort, shakes us to our foundations. Nora describes an encounter with someone who activates long lost and deeply hidden feelings that are incredibly powerful (Been there.) In Nora’s case, the feelings were not reciprocated, leading to confusion and emotional turmoil (… done that.) Nora describes this feeling as “walking between worlds” which I have experienced. Nora explains her own technique of dealing with this bleed through; I advocate for deeper digging into the past life that triggered the previous life’s relationship. So often the person who has been wronged, dumped, or left behind has a previous entanglement that activated the energy that is still bouncing around causing present day upheaval. It is brave to look into the past life relationship of someone who arouses deep emotions in us. It is heroic to dig deeper into the past energies behind the past life affecting our current situation.

One of the core tenets of Energy Psychology is to find the core issue which is triggering our emotional discomfort, which is often far in the past. My experience has shown that most often, that core issue is in a past life. Now I am noticing that our past life issues have a core issue in a life even further in the past. This is the deep work that only the bravest of past lives explorers undertake.

(A longer version of this is available on my blog at:

Michael Talbot Quotation

“No single piece of information means anything. Pieces of information only start to mean something when they fit together into larger pictures.”

Michael Talbot is an author and researcher better known for his groundbreaking 1992 book “The Holographic Universe” but it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he was also an avid past lives researcher. He published “YOUR PAST LIVES- A REINCARNATION HANDBOOK” in 1987. (I reviewed it here in this blog in October 2018.) I love this quote; It is a reminder that we only get pieces of the puzzle in every past life journey, and it takes some time to amass the body of knowledge that allows us to see the larger picture. I was lucky to find a hardcover copy of “YOUR PAST LIVES” and I highly recommend it to anyone doing this work.

Elizabeth Krohn: Talking AfterLife Experiences w/Gordon White on Rune Soup

Fascinating interview with Elizabeth Krohn, co-author of “Changed in a Flash” (with Jeffrey Kripal) which is the story of her being struck by lightning, dying, and how her visit to the afterlife changed her life. As Elizabeth describes it:

It flipped some kind of switch for me that made it easy for me to receive information and interact … with another dimension.

Rune Soup is one of my favorite podcasts, and Gordon White describes this as one of his “favorite ever episodes.” After being struck by lightning, Elizabeth found herself above her body laying on the ground, trying to will it to get up. 

Elizabeth Krohn: Suddenly I realized I’m not getting up because I’m dead. And as soon as I realized that, I felt free to explore this other realm where I was… A light appeared to my right and up above me, and I knew that this light … wanted me to follow it, so  I thought, “I’ll go, I’ll see what this is”, and I followed this light and it lead me to … a garden. Except its not like any garden that would be here on earth. I happen to love gardens and I’ve been to a lot of them, and this was nothing like anything I’ve seen here…

The most overwhelming thing that I felt in the garden… was this unconditional love that was so overpowering and so unlike any love here on earth or in this dimension… I struggle to find the words to describe that feeling, to describe the beauty of this place. 

Somehow, I understood that I was in heaven and I did see other people there, in the distance. No one approached me but I saw other people, and I understood that they were also in heaven but that they were not seeing what I was seeing. Like heaven was tailored to each individual person, and it was whatever is going to put you personally at ease and make you happy is what you see. And for me that was a garden. And that was just something I understood while I was there. 


Comforting to know that whatever puts us at ease and makes us happy is what awaits us on the other side of the veil. And interesting because my favorite between lives “recovery area” is a perfectly beautiful garden. “Heavenly” would be the only way for words to attempt to describe it.

Ainslie Macleod quotation

I’ve often been asked why we don’t remember our past lives. I argue that we do. And that’s the problem with reincarnation. We remember our past lives, not consciously, but rather through fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and other blocks, which are most often held in our body. 

The key to getting over these memories of past incarnations is to remind your soul that “that was then, this is now.”

Ainslie Macleod

Re-reading this quotation, I noticed Macleod’s emphasis on the idea that these blocks are “most often held in our body.” Which implies that the path to releasing these blocks lies in working with the body’s energy systems. I feel like I am on the correct path when incorporating EFT tapping into my sessions to move and release any stuck energy that comes into awareness from this past lives work. And this is a reminder that past lives work is not just a cerebral exercise; its equally important to fully feel the emotions on our past life journey to express and release them. Lots more interesting ideas on Ainslie’s website at

Dr. Raymond Moody and "Nonsense"

The title isn’t a criticism. Dr. Raymond Moody, who originated the term “near death experience” in the 1970’s, did his doctoral dissertation on “the concept of unintelligibility, what makes something nonsensical.” In an interview on the excellent Past Lives Podcast*, he describes his work as :

Once we get the concepts (of what makes something nonsensical) down, then it becomes much easier to talk in a rational framework about the afterlife. And I knew beginning 30 years ago that eventually, somebody who’d been through my nonsense course or workshop would happen to have a near death experience. And when they did, I knew … that once you know the principles of how nonsense works, then when you have a near death experience, it puts it in a wholly new light and gives you a way to describe it and make it more intelligible.

Substitute a past life for the near death experience, and you have a fascinating way to approach that which defies logic and is outside of ordinary physical reality. I work regularly with a shamanic journeying group here in Asheville, and those journeys were my introduction to comprehending non-ordinary experiences that border on the nonsensical. I’ve done past life session with many people from this group and they have described some amazing experiences. The instructions given are the same in both shamanic journeying and my own group work:

Trust the first image.

After hearing Raymond Moody interviewed, I may have to add:

Especially if it makes no sense.

Later in the podcast, Dr. Moody says something surprising:

I am 74 years old; I am sick and tired of Raymond Moody. The idea that I would be this one person and personality for eternity is horrifying to me…That I have to bear this name Raymond Moody on and on until infinity, that’s just totally unacceptable to me. But as I gather, there’s some kind of developmental process that, after you’ve died, your mind, your identity, your soul…seems to transform into some other kind of state of consciousness or existence.

An interesting perspective from a man who’s been doing this deep consciousness work for over 50 years but only acknowledged the reality of reincarnation after both of his adopted children related “remembrances” from a past life. Check out the podcast:


The Past Lives Podcast interview with Stephen H. Martin and a double Sync

There is an interesting podcast out of the UK called “The Past Lives Podcast*” with 57 episodes to date. The most recent podcast was an interview with Stephen H. Martin who has a new book compiling the wisdom of Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet for his ability to channel medical and spiritual wisdom. I talked about Cayce in an earlier blog post/review of Many Mansions, one of the earliest books about Cayce.

Martin had this to say about a topic that has come up in my MeetUps and from some of the experiences of people in the group explorations:

“What (Cayce) said was, we are spiritual beings, we are eternal, we are created by God… and we were created for companionship; to be co-creators with God. Now one of the things we were given was free will; we can decide to cooperate with God or not to cooperate with God, we decide… Whatever we want, whether its good or whether its bad, we have free will. And one of the things that we humans did is explore all of creation, which is multi-dimensional.… This Earth is only one of many different realms that if you’re a spiritual being you can explore. And apparently we humans… wanted to experience this 3 dimensional reality which was inhabited by… animals and trees and fish… and no humans. We really weren’t meant to be here, this was not created necessarily for us in the beginning, but we forced our way in. And the only was you can get in to this dimension is through a living being, not necessarily human but at first apparently we came in through the animal kingdom, and things like centaurs,… the minotaur. The… combination of animal and human beings was something that happened way way back. Eventually we arrived at the ape-like creature and began incarnating through that.”

I am not presenting this as fact; this is Martin speaking based on his research into Cayce. I have no verification of this concept from Cayce’s writings, and am not really interested in further research into Cayce. The religiosity of his “channeling” is suspicious, as is the astonishing coincidence that so many of the people whose past lives he accessed were described as being close to and associated with the historical Jesus. I resonate with the idea that we are created by God (or the Source) to be co-creators, but the idea that we “forced our way into” physicality as humans is radical, as is the idea of human/animal hybrids as being factual.

My only experience with this phenomena is that, when I do group mini-dives into the happiest previous experience, occasionally someone will come back and report having been an animal. Someone described a happy existence as a giraffe in last week’s MeetUp and previously someone reported being a dolphin, on both cases they were intensely positive experiences. I have not had this experience myself, so I can’t weigh in on this but there is some synchronicity in hearing Edgar Cayce referring to consciousnesses inhabiting animal “bodies” just after someone in my MeetUp reported that same experience.

There is a 2nd sync when Martin claims Cayce as the source of the quote I reconfigured in my last post. Talking about communicating with the dead, Martin says:

“People who communicate with the dead, and ask them questions, are fooling themselves if they think they’re always getting the right answers because they’re probably not. As Edgar Cayce said, ‘Just because your grandmother’s dead doesn’t mean that she knows more now than she did when she was alive.’ She’s still that same entity.”

Cursory internet searching was unable to provide verification of this as being Cayce’s original idea which I always attributed to Mary LaBay, but it is in the interview at approximately 46:00.

The book is “Edgar Cayce- The Meaning of Life and What To Do About It” by Stephen H. Martin


Example of why I use EFT tapping in my Past Lives Sessions, or “Tapping not slapping”

Here’s a perfect example of why I am using EFT tapping in my past lives sessions. Reading Roger Woolger’s “Other Lives, Other Selves,” I came across this passage. 

“Some researchers become so caught up in their historical detective stories that the rememberer’s feelings are sometimes callously ignored. There is a rather shocking part of the well-known Bloxham tapes in which the hypnotherapist, Arnall Bloxham, regressed a certain Graham Huxtable to a life as an eighteenth-century sailor. In a deep trance, reliving a battle at sea, Huxtable, as the sailor, has his leg blown off and screams uncontrollably. Bloxham apparently slaps his face to bring him out of trance and assures him that his leg is still intact.”

No need for corporal punishment in past lives sessions, just a suggestion of gentle tapping on various meridian points on the face, body and hands will suffice.

Just because you’re on the Galactic Council doesn’t mean you’re smart.

The brilliant blogger Red Pill Junkie wrote an article for that alerted me to an interview on the podcast “Tangentially Speaking” with James Fadiman, who was one of the early psychedelic researchers alongside Leary and Alpert and is the godfather of the modern “microdosing”movement. Here he is talking about addiction and other cultures’ versions of entities:

I looked at that and thought, “we have a very well-established truth that if you cut your hand open, it is opportunistic for various bacteria and viruses to get in there, and they don’t have any desire to help you. They simply are going to eat as much and as fast as they can, and should you die from that they will swear they didn’t intend it.”   And I thought, “what if mental illness was like a wound?” Let’s say you have a trauma –some sexual terrible thing– and you are hurt. But the wound is open, and then the spirits that feed off of trauma –or depression, or what the body does with alcohol, or what the physical changes are with porn– infect you. And then you go to therapy, you go to meetings and you take anti-depressants, and all that helps you. But the wound is really open because the beings feasting on it are keeping it open.  Then –let’s skip Western medicine here– you go to a shaman, and the shaman says: ‘My spiritual allies and I can see that you are being eaten by anger demons. And I am going to help them leave you, because I can help them both get out and go to some better place.… So I’m really looking at going back to what Pasteur discovered –which is you make an opening in the physical level, physical things come and they can harm you, but your system is designed to keep them out– and I’m now beginning to see that the mental system may have the same set of problems.   

…if we lined up 1000 cultures, 850 of them would say: “Yes, there are these spirits from the upper worlds and the lower worlds, and they interact with human beings, and some of them like to help you –just as human beings like to help others– and some of them really just want to harm you, because that’s their nature.”

Now combine that with this quote from Alex Tsakiris’ Skeptiko podcast interview with Gordon White:

“But I’ll tell you that, having spoken to a number of demons, they will flat out say, “Yeah, we’re trolling people. They think they’re talking to the Galactic Federation, that’s us, motherf*#ker!”

Colorful language aside, I don’t think Gordon was being flippant. His information, direct from his ongoing communication with non-physical intelligences, tells him that these non-physical intelligences are taking advantage of the too trusting nature of channelers, but for what purpose?  Just for giggles? Or possibly something more sinister considering how much is invested in this channeled information. Wrestling with that, I posted a comment on the Mysterious Universe site and RPJ (as he is known to the cool kids in the back of the lunch room) responded:

I think I agree with Gordon's remarks. I once coined the term 'Trollien' to depict non-human entities that like to pick on us. Mind you, I'm not even sure we should believe them when they call themselves 'demons'. That may be like some lowclass street thug calling himself a 'gangster' just to give himself airs and impress people. Like 'alien', 'demon' is a very loaded term in the Western world.

I think “trollian” is a brilliant concept. It jibes perfectly with the opportunistic aspect that Fadiman referenced, plus it diminishes their power. But here are 2 of my favorite writer/researchers, and both fully accept “non-human entities that like to pick on us.” Double plus, it throws this back to discernment, or the lack of it in the channelling community. And in the past lives community. Every time I talk about my work I have to answer questions about “Why are there so many Cleopatras out there?” I remind them that they didn’t appear on my watch or in my work. But I am feeling the need to update my favorite quote from Mary LaBay “Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you’re smart.”-

Just because you’re a Pleadian or on the Galactic Council doesn’t mean you’re smart.

I am merely advocating for discernment and not dismissing the entire channelling movement. (Some of my best friends and favorite people are channels!) But questioning the motives of the source of this information is rarely done and sorely needed. My criticism of many beginner Akashic Records readers is the inability to get past the filter of their own belief systems. Then Gordon White and Red Pill Junkie advocate for at least considering the motivations of these non-physical consciousnesses that choose to interact with physical beings. I propose that it is our duty, if we truly want to advance our awareness, to look behind the curtain at the wizards giving us directions and examine our relationship to these consciousnesses. The questions that need to be asked are:

-who are these non-physical consciousnesses that are communicating with me?

- why are these non-physical consciousnesses talking through my physical being?

-what is my relation to them if any?

-and since I see this physical world through the lens of a past lives perspective, can this be unfinished business playing out in detail in the physical body in our present timeline? UFO researcher and writer Robbie Graham described this perfectly: 

“…One should always be cautious and dispassionate whenever that voice from within insists: I’m special.’”

Maybe we should be even more cautious when that voice manifests from without.

Dolores Cannon and our origin story

I’ve been listening to Dolores Cannon’s talks on her You Tube channel and I have to admit I really enjoy watching someone from my mother’s generation talk about past lives and communication with aliens while patting her perm. What I found out from this video is that Dolores started out as a hypnotist and even she admits that you no longer need to go through the long drawn out “follow the shiny object” process to get people into hypnosis. Then she talks about how, like Brian Weiss, she stumbled into this work while hypnotizing someone for overeating, and that person went back to Chicago in the 1920’s, the first of 5 lives Dolores explored with this woman. But she put it aside to raise what she describes as a large family, and only when facing her empty nest did she restart the work she is known for. This means that Dolores may have been working in the same vein as the Swygards at the same time in the late 1960’s, although following the hypnosis path. This quote jumped out an hour into this lecture, and perfectly aligns with the Awareness Techniques:

God was this huge bright light, and … he was lonely, he wanted to create others. This is when he burst out, this is the “Big Bang Theory” when he burst out into millions and billions of particles. Now when I take you back to what you really are, all you are is a tiny little spark of light; a tiny little spark, that’s all you are. So at that point they all shot out in all directions. Some of these little sparks became planets, some became galaxies, and many of them became individual souls. 

I have many clients who ask “I want to know where I came from.” Well, we all came from the same place… They all came from God, from the Source, and when they shot out, it was like God said, “Go and learn, my children, learn everything you can and bring it back to me.”

Now, I have no idea if Dolores Cannon ever heard of the Awareness Techniques, but its even more astounding if the information she got from her source led her to the same concept as the Swygards. Look at how closely these 2 quotes line up:


“Go and learn, my children, learn everything you can and bring it back to me.”

William and Diane Swygard:

“Go, know My Creation, and return it to Me.”

Dolores Cannon’s YouTube channel contains whole lectures, not just video snippets, and its a great resource, even if like me, you don’t agree with everything she says. Like back drop people. (Google it if you want to dive into a deep, deep rabbit hole.)

Bruce Springsteen Past Lives Quotation

Bruce Springsteen, in the Netflix film of his “Springsteen on Broadway” one man show, gave an incredibly moving tribute to his late sax player and long time band member Clarence Clemons, who’s nickname was “Big Man”. Since all roads lead to past lives in this journey I am on, I was moved to hear Bruce describe their relationship as one that extends beyond this present incarnation:

“If I were a mystic I guess Clarence and my friendship would lead me to believe that we, we stood together in other older times, you know, in other lives, along other rivers, in other ancient cities, in other fields, workin’ side by side, with the sun settin’, doin’ our modest version of God’s work. I’ll see you in the next life, Big Man.”