Excellent EFT podcast


My 2nd favorite EFT related website (after Gary Craig’s emofree.com) is Gene Montrastelli’s tappingqanda.com. This links to his podcast of the same name, and there are an incredible array of free resources there. I did a series of sessions with Gene when I was living in Brooklyn and he was in Baltimore, and now I’m in Asheville and he’s in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn (and apparently loving it. )

If I were to recommend only one of the hundreds of podcast episodes, it would be his interview with acupuncturist Beth Kearn (https://tappingqanda.com/2016/08/pod-232-tapping-points-w-beth-kearn/). Beth supplies much needed background from the position of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the points that affirms the power of tapping and the points that Gary Craig chose when he innovated EFT. Check it out, email me at my new address bobbybeft@gmail.com with any questions, or schedule a session and experience it for yourself .

How to tap for New Year's resolutions

Happy new year, wishing all a consciously empowered 2019. Here’s a technique I use when I tap for my new year’s resolutions. Though it seems counter-intuitive, Gold Standard EFT always taps on the negative, an idea that is not popular with the new age community so it is often disregarded. But the true power in EFT tapping is in removing those “tail-enders”, our conscious mind’s response to a positive affirmation that undercuts the energy of the affirmation. For example, if you are want to lose weight and are affirming your number that is the goal, you might hear the classic tail-ender, which is “Yeah, right, like I’m getting back down to high school weight.” So in using classic EFT or as it is known, Gold Standard EFT, you would use that tail-ender, incorporating it into your set-up statement while tapping on the karate chop point:

Even though I’ll never get back down to how much I weighed in high school (or college, or before the kids were born, or I started working a desk job) I deeply and completely accept myself.

Then tap on the points, saying at each point:

I’ll never get down to (fill-in-the-blank)

(alternating with) I can’t lose weight, its hard to lose weight.

Try that for a couple of rounds and check in to see how achievable your goal seems. Removing the tail-enders is just the first step but it is an important one. As another example, someone suggested an affirmation for me to use in the new year. Here’s how I used this method for tapping on this beautiful affirmation:

I desire that which God desires for me.

This requires a cognitive shift from my desires to what the universe (or God, or whatever deity/life force you use) wants for me. So I shifted to the negative while tapping on the karate chop point:

Even though I don’t care what God or the universe wants for me, what I want is more important , I deeply and completely accept myself.

While tapping, I said out loud:

I don’t care what the universe wants for me

(switching to the next point) What I want is most important!

Then I move through the tapping points alternating between those 2 phrases, feeling free to substitute my own words as the tapping continues. Try this on your resolutions, or email me if you need helping constructing a set-up phrase. Of course there is a great advantage in working with someone who is experienced with EFT , so book a session while I’m offering a sale during my certification process. And as Gary Craig says, Try it on everything!

EFT finger tapping points

Here is a chart of the finger tapping points. Notice that the ring finger is not tapped on. The ring finger used to be included, but research has shown that the actual acupuncture point is on the bottom of the nail bed, and we are tapping on the top (holding the hand so the thumb is at the top and the pinky at the bottom.) If you want to be authentic, tap on the bottom of the ring finger at the nail bed, or just skip it. The finger points are excellent for stealth tapping in public. I use them walking from my car into a doctor or dentist’s office, it releases any stress brought on by those appointments.

EFT finger tapping points

Excellent article on EFT


The ACEP newsletter linked to this excellent introductory article about EFT, with an emphasis on using it for ADD/ADHD. Here’s my favorite takeaway from the article:

“The key to success with EFT is being specific. The late Don Blackerby, Ph.D., author of Rediscover the Joy of Learning, suggested tapping on specific symptoms as they occur. “Even though I have ADHD, I deeply and completely accept myself” is a nice affirmation, but it won’t get you very far as a setup statement. “Even though I have been sitting at this computer for 15 minutes trying to write this article, and my thoughts are stuck in my head in a jumbled mess and won’t come out, I deeply and completely accept myself” is a much better statement.”

The article ends with a primer on “How to tap away challenges.” Except for inclusion of some weird points in the center of the forehead and tip of the middle finger, I would recommend this for someone new to EFT and seeking real world applications for tapping.

Great Quote

“Doctors and nurses do better in survival situations, because they’re helping others,” says Gonzales. “This goes hand-in-hand with the psychological concept of the locus of control. Some people see themselves as victims and others take the view that they have agency in this world and can make things better. They’re rescuers, not victims.”

Laurence Gonzales's 2003 book, Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why,