Excellent article on EFT


The ACEP newsletter linked to this excellent introductory article about EFT, with an emphasis on using it for ADD/ADHD. Here’s my favorite takeaway from the article:

“The key to success with EFT is being specific. The late Don Blackerby, Ph.D., author of Rediscover the Joy of Learning, suggested tapping on specific symptoms as they occur. “Even though I have ADHD, I deeply and completely accept myself” is a nice affirmation, but it won’t get you very far as a setup statement. “Even though I have been sitting at this computer for 15 minutes trying to write this article, and my thoughts are stuck in my head in a jumbled mess and won’t come out, I deeply and completely accept myself” is a much better statement.”

The article ends with a primer on “How to tap away challenges.” Except for inclusion of some weird points in the center of the forehead and tip of the middle finger, I would recommend this for someone new to EFT and seeking real world applications for tapping.