Katherine Dreyer from Chi Running Testimonial

At Bobby’s Past Life workshop I was given the remarkable opportunity to feel and remember some of my previous life experiences. I have since recognized how the issues and themes from those lives are still playing out in my life, right now. And that recognition has given me an entirely new and powerful perspective on those issues, in some cases freeing me from their grip and in other areas, deepening the joy and gratitude of the blessings. I had a potent experience of how the many layers of our lives vibrate and resound over time, deepening the meaning and expanding my conscious understanding of the interconnectedness of my lives, and of my relationships with other people as well. I feel more awake to my connections with other people, resonating with others with a new found excitement and curiosity. Melting away the boundaries of time, what emerges is a profound recognition of a self and a soul larger and more experienced than I realized.

Katherine Dreyer - Co-founder of ChiRunning, ChiWalking and ChiLiving

PS - That was from a 10 mine mini dive!


I can't thank you enough for leading me on this journey. I know that what I uncovered about my 'higher self' and my purpose was very important and this work is critical in my next step forward. I can't wait to discover more and especially in the 'between lives' setting! I know (can feel) there is even more important information for me there. 

-Marina K

It was an amazing session and I was impressed with what you did. I was easily able to see the images and get the information. More than any other time I have had a past life session. You have a gentle way that people are able to trust you with their secrets. I felt comfortable to share what was coming to me. I also noticed a change when I went out to the store later that day. I was very loving toward the people I met and also open to them. The love thing has been a big thing for me in this life. It is what I have searched for my entire life. 

-Debra S.

...thank you.  I got so much benefit from that session. ..And it is also fascinating to me how I continue to receive information once I "visit" a past incarnation...I also found the tapping to be very therapeutic...Thank you for the opportunity to do this work.  It is powerful work...

-Michelle M.

Through Bobby's guidance I was able to travel through memories, and could recall the actual "feelings" felt through my body in this life, my previous life, and the feeling of being in between bodies...It should be mentioned that I was led to this "plumbing of the depths" by some incredibly intense fears I had developed recently about my own death in my current body. Through this process with Bobby I bravely confronted these fears of the feelings of losing breath, my heart ceasing to beat permanently, and leaving a body behind. After the session I was awashed in such peace...SUCH peace, and gratitude for my breath. And, also grateful for my fears, for without them I would not have sought so desperately to find the help to open up to greater purpose and evolution. And we've just brushed the surface, there is still so much to do!

-Rebecca, Asheville NC

"I was surprised at how comfortable, easy and enjoyable the experience was! Bobby brought his warm-heart, laughter and compassion, making me feel safe and comfortable. I could relax and allow the intention I set to access a past life to unfold. He talked me through any emotions that came up and allowed me to be fully in control. Afterwards, we talked so I could understand, heal and incorporate what I discovered into my spiritual growth. I had always wanted to access an in-between life and I did and the experience changed so many things for me!"

-Ashley, Burnsville NC

Bobby made it so simple and natural to access my inner knowing and find the lessons of my past experiences that could help me now. He held the space strongly and was a gentle guide, not leaving me floundering or pushing too hard. I felt safe and accepted whatever I might find. 

-Anita, Leicester NC

After we got off the phone I felt so good and so much lighter. I helped me 100%! Thank you!! Now I know that there is a divine dance between being alone and being with the tribe. Both are needed. Thank you for your help on my self discovery!

-Katrina, Candler NC

Your work has helped me tremendously to see a path open for me from the past to the future.  

-Marion, Hendersonville NC

I've learned so much from the 3 (sessions) that we've done so far. They are emotionally challenging at times but I feel like I've grown so much from them already.

-Keisha, Marion NC

We explored a couple lives and the "in between" sensation of being the cosmos, and also what a soul experiences choosing the next life. The lives were poignantly relevant to what I was experiencing in my present situation, and it was incredible to not only learn from these lives, but to feel them in my body--to empathize with them, almost like channeling. In my work, we focus a lot on alternate or parallel timelines and lifetimes, moving through "time" more fluidly as any and all incarnations that are possible. Bobby's tools have helped me to explore these with a very approachable and simple techniques. I've taken his suggestion and sharing of his own exploration and done some healing work for my body. It's an incredible process, to heal wounds through a past life and a future timeline!

-Randi, Asheville NC