Katherine Dreyer from Chi Running Testimonial

At Bobby’s Past Life workshop and I was given the remarkable opportunity to feel and remember some of my previous life experiences. I have since recognized how the issues and themes from those lives are still playing out in my life, right now. And that recognition has given me an entirely new and powerful perspective on those issues, in some cases freeing me from their grip and in other areas, deepening the joy and gratitude of the blessings. I had a potent experience of how the many layers of our lives vibrate and resound over time, deepening the meaning and expanding my conscious understanding of the interconnectedness of my lives, and of my relationships with other people as well. I feel more awake to my connections with other people, resonating with others with a new found excitement and curiosity. Melting away the boundaries of time, what emerges is a profound recognition of a self and a soul larger and more experienced than I realized.

Katherine Dreyer - Co-founder of ChiRunning, ChiWalking and ChiLiving

PS - That was from a 10 mine mini dive!