Would you like to take your own personal journey into the multiplicity of your previous lives? Yes, you can use a pre-recorded induction, but that might lead to the same experience as everyone else in the book. Having someone focus on your past lives adventure can make it as unique as your present life personality,, and accessing the between lives state, which I call the Non-Physical experience, can be a mind-expanding experience in the hands of an accomplished guide. Don't disconnect from your present self, re-connect with your eternal self. 

Welcome to the Past Lives Project. My name is Bobby Baranowski, and I've been doing past life work since the late 1970's. Here's the background on the work I do-

The Awareness Techniques were introduced by a man named William Swygard. He published a series of pamphlets in 1971, the first of which was titled Awareness Techniques - Book 1. In the introduction, he describes how the technique "has been tested in all of its aspects upon persons of various races, religious backgrounds and ages for over eighteen years in the Miami, Florida area. Ten thousand printed instruction sheets have been distributed throughout the world." In the pre-internet age, Swygard got his information out to the world  by placing ads in the back of magazines, and when people responded, they were mailed 2 two-sided sheets of paper with the instructions for what he called "running" past lives. By his account, he printed and mailed 10,000 of these, some of them outside the US. I learned this technique from friends in Dallas Texas who did just that; they mailed $2 to an address and then followed the instructions. My 2 friends from Dallas, Texas were Paul Newell and Miguel Paredes. Miguel had family in the Miami area and met Swygard at one of his meetings of the Miami group. Both became adept at "running" people and introduced me to it when I was visiting in the late 1970's. When I eventually moved to Dallas in 1984, Paul Newell and I pursued it more intensely. 

 There were 4 techniques that were published in pamphlet form, Awareness Techniques - Books 1, 2 ,3 and 4, plus one in a question and answer format,  Waldara Answers in 1975. The books were re-published by Theatre University Press in 1975, and again in 1978 by William Reilly of Dover, Massachusetts. They are all out of print.

William Swygard, who later referred to himself by his spirit name Waldara, passed away in 1981. His wife and co-author of some of the pamphlets. Diane Swygard, carried on for a few years, but by the late 80's, the technique had disappeared. Until now...

I have been using the techniques for years, and consider them to be the best tools for expanding consciousness. In 2016 I founded the Asheville Past Lives Project as a MeetUp group to promote and innovate this work, with great results. I assume you are interested in or have had some experience with past lives, maybe through the hypnotic regression technique that almost everyone else uses. Hopefully, reading this will inspire you to contact me for a session that is not hypnosis, but a guided meditation where you are fully aware and awake as you enter into the past life experience. 

I have gotten a lot of questions lately about how "running" past lives relates to the Akashic Records. To use a computer analogy, this refers to the concept that all of the details of all of our past lives are somehow stored in a file, and this file can be accessed in a higher state of consciousness. Various teachers have described various methods of accessing these records. Using the Awareness Techniques, a person has access to all of their previous lives and the time between lives spent in the Non-Physical experience. Like a lot of popular methods of accessing the Akashic records, this is done by asking questions. The difference is that when running your past lives with the Awareness Techniques, YOU are accessing that information for yourself, in detail. You are accessing all of the emotional information, bringing it back into your conscious awareness, which leads to understanding, forgiveness, acceptance and loving oneself. You are an active participant in the process, not a passive observer. I believe that it is in the emotional information that traumas are released and where progress is made. Of course it is always best to do this work with someone who is experienced and knows what questions to ask, but after doing this technique a few times, you can do this by yourself; this is the major difference between the Awareness Techniques and the various hypnotic methods. 

If you got this far, please email me at pastlivesprojectavl@gmail.com and introduce yourself. Tell me how you came to this work and let me know if I can answer any questions.

Bobby Baranowski