How to tap for New Year's resolutions

Happy new year, wishing all a consciously empowered 2019. Here’s a technique I use when I tap for my new year’s resolutions. Though it seems counter-intuitive, Gold Standard EFT always taps on the negative, an idea that is not popular with the new age community so it is often disregarded. But the true power in EFT tapping is in removing those “tail-enders”, our conscious mind’s response to a positive affirmation that undercuts the energy of the affirmation. For example, if you are want to lose weight and are affirming your number that is the goal, you might hear the classic tail-ender, which is “Yeah, right, like I’m getting back down to high school weight.” So in using classic EFT or as it is known, Gold Standard EFT, you would use that tail-ender, incorporating it into your set-up statement while tapping on the karate chop point:

Even though I’ll never get back down to how much I weighed in high school (or college, or before the kids were born, or I started working a desk job) I deeply and completely accept myself.

Then tap on the points, saying at each point:

I’ll never get down to (fill-in-the-blank)

(alternating with) I can’t lose weight, its hard to lose weight.

Try that for a couple of rounds and check in to see how achievable your goal seems. Removing the tail-enders is just the first step but it is an important one. As another example, someone suggested an affirmation for me to use in the new year. Here’s how I used this method for tapping on this beautiful affirmation:

I desire that which God desires for me.

This requires a cognitive shift from my desires to what the universe (or God, or whatever deity/life force you use) wants for me. So I shifted to the negative while tapping on the karate chop point:

Even though I don’t care what God or the universe wants for me, what I want is more important , I deeply and completely accept myself.

While tapping, I said out loud:

I don’t care what the universe wants for me

(switching to the next point) What I want is most important!

Then I move through the tapping points alternating between those 2 phrases, feeling free to substitute my own words as the tapping continues. Try this on your resolutions, or email me if you need helping constructing a set-up phrase. Of course there is a great advantage in working with someone who is experienced with EFT , so book a session while I’m offering a sale during my certification process. And as Gary Craig says, Try it on everything!