Excellent EFT podcast


My 2nd favorite EFT related website (after Gary Craig’s emofree.com) is Gene Montrastelli’s tappingqanda.com. This links to his podcast of the same name, and there are an incredible array of free resources there. I did a series of sessions with Gene when I was living in Brooklyn and he was in Baltimore, and now I’m in Asheville and he’s in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn (and apparently loving it. )

If I were to recommend only one of the hundreds of podcast episodes, it would be his interview with acupuncturist Beth Kearn (https://tappingqanda.com/2016/08/pod-232-tapping-points-w-beth-kearn/). Beth supplies much needed background from the position of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the points that affirms the power of tapping and the points that Gary Craig chose when he innovated EFT. Check it out, email me at my new address bobbybeft@gmail.com with any questions, or schedule a session and experience it for yourself .