William S Burroughs on creating new worlds, UFO's, the arts, time and space

William S Burroughs pulls from a large cosmic area in this quotation:

There’s something out there. It may be far away in Space and Time, but remember – Time itself is a human invention, as are measurements.

Remember Betty and Barney Hill, the two people abducted by aliens in Exeter, New Hampshire? Well, the aliens noticed that Barry had false teeth… They asked about this, and Betty said, ‘Well, they’ve worn out. Age, you know. Length of time’. And the aliens said, ‘What is time? What is age?’ They had no concept of it. Time is both a human invention and a human affliction.

We are not setting out to explore static pre-existing data. We are setting out to create new worlds, new beings, new models of consciousness. As Brion Gysin [painter, poet, and Burroughs’ long-term friend and collaborator] said, When they get there in their trillion dollar aqualung they may find that artists are already there.

What you experience in dreams and out of body trips, what you glimpse in the works of writers and painters, is the promised land of Space.