Richard Doty WTF???

I’ve been searching for any information about Richard Doty’s appearance at the UFO MegaCon in Laughlin NV last month. And yes, “mega-con” and Doty in one sentence is ironic. But Doty said in a hallway interview that the Cash-Landrum sighting was, wait for it, a UFO retro-fitted with a nuclear propulsion system. Why? Because they couldn't get the factory installed “engine” to work. So like good Americans, they took it to a shade tree mechanic, probably an old guy who knew motors, and put in something to soup it up. Doty claimed they flew it all around Nevada with no problem, but when they were taking it to an Air Force base in Texas that they had problems. That is an award winning explanation for a UFO sighting, and this from a guy who uses the word “disinform”multiple times earlier in the interview. Doty describes how when people who reported things in the sky that the government knew was ours, they would send out teams to “disinform” people and make them think it was extraterrestrial when it was our own experimental craft. Hard to accept his plea of innocence in the Benowitz case after an admission of being a disinformation agent.

Check out the interview :