David Bowie's version of the Co-Creation Hypothesis

I was watching the Netflix documentary on Mick Rock, the famous photographer who I crossed paths with in what seemed to be a previous life but was actually long ago in a galaxy far, far away (New York City in the 1970’s). Rock played a recording of a late night discussion where David Bowie says:

“The artist doesn’t exist. The artist is strictly a figment of the people’s imagination. ...they’re all figments. They don’t exist. ...We’re in the twilight zone. And we’re the original false prophets.”

At the risk of being a Greg Bishop homeboy, I flashed on how how this lined up with his idea of the co-creation hypothesis regarding UFO’s: that it’s somehow a collaboration that requires our input, or presence, or attention. And here’s Bowie saying the artist needs his fan’s imagination to exist. I posted this on the Radio Misterioso FaceBook page and Greg responded:

The artist as a channel through which ideas are made manifest. Nice.