Quotes from Journey of Souls

From Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls" -

"In a remarkable underlying message, particularly from advanced subjects, the possibility is held out that the God-oversoul of our universe is on a less-than-perfect level. Thus, complete infallibility is deferred to an even higher source. … The concept that our immediate God is still evolving as we are takes away nothing from an ultimate source of perfection who spawned our God. To my mind, a supreme, perfect God would not lose omnipotence or total control over all creation by allowing for the maturation of less-than-perfect superior offspring. These lesser gods could be allowed to create their own imperfect worlds as a final means of edification so they might join with the ultimate God."


Pg. 275

(Fascinating that Newton comes up with that from his reports. It is worthy of an entire book in itself. But it resonates perfectly with Swygard's idea that the Creator released parts of itself with the admonition, "Go, know my creation, and return it to me." Our experiences are returned to the Creator who then 'learns' from them, so of course our immediate God is "still evolving." And I absolutely love the concept of "our immediate God." It opens us to the idea that our God has a God, and on and on until we reach "the ultimate God". )


"...my belief (is) that souls are attracted to geographical settings they have known during earlier incarnations."

pg. 117

(Here's an idea I have not yet experienced in my personal work, but will be paying attention to it now that it has been brought to my attention.)


"... past life memories often spill over into contemporary problems in whatever spiritual setting is selected."

Pg. 64

(The idea that "we may be done with the past, but the past is not done with us." I don't know who said that first, but it is the basis for this work. )