Brave Participant Interview for March- Rebecca Rouse

Name: Rebecca Rouse

Location: Weaverville, NC

Occupation: Tattoo Artist

How did you connect with the Past Lives Project? A recommendation from a good friend.

What was your experience of a past lives exploration? Through Bobby's guidance I was able to travel through memories, and could recall the actual "feelings" felt through my body in this life, my previous life, and the feeling of being in between bodies. I experienced one of my own deaths, and as I left my body the initial feelings of anger and sadness and resistance to letting go, I found myself completely filled with joy as I rejoined a massive expansion of energy, without a doubt it was the source. Though this was my first guided meditation through these depths of self (and my monkey brain trying to distract me), while I was in between lives I was able to "see" body-less others, as lights, feeling the immense connection and visual materialization of my recent memories, a great current of continuous energy moving through me. All feeling. I could also separate from this moving current and view it as a spectator of sorts, and rejoin as I desired. Another light being, Joshua, led me to a massive tunnel of water, deep as an ocean abyss and wide as a mountain, swirling and vibrating as though it was more of a solid. Looking down through this water I could see blue and green aspects of the earth plane...perhaps this was the way to incarnate? 

It should be mentioned that I was led to this "plumbing of the depths" by some incredibly intense fears I had developed recently about my own death in my current body. Through this process with Bobby I bravely confronted these fears of the feelings of losing breath, my heart ceasing to beat permanently, and leaving a body behind. After the session I was awashed in such peace...SUCH peace, and gratitude for my breath. And, also grateful for my fears, for without them I would not have sought so desperately to find the help to open up to greater purpose and evolution. And we've just brushed the surface, there is still so much to do!

My website is:, and my email is

(Rebecca is a talented tattoo artist at

Sky People Tattoos

32 N. Lexington Ave.

Asheville, NC 28801

My session with Rebecca was possibly the most intense first session I've ever experienced. It is so gratifying when someone who is ready finds this work at the perfect time in their development. Rebecca has, in one session, experienced what it is to be an integrated consciousness who is aware of themselves as more than this physical body in this one incarnation. I look forward to seeing how her experience is reflected in her art in the future.)