Brave participant interview w/Pamela Shook

02/18 Brave Participant Interview

Name: Pamela Shook, Cl.H.

Location: Waynesville.  But my office is in Asheville Acupuncture Wellness Center.

Occupation: "I have been an Alchemical Hypnotherapist since 1990, blending Gestalt, Jungian and shamanic techniques with more traditional hypnosis. As a Reiki Master, I also incorporate Reiki into the healing sessions for accelerated results.  I help the client tune into their body and let their cellular memory decide where the journey takes us."

How did you connect with the Past Lives Project? "When I moved to WNC last September, I looked on Meetup to find like-minded groups, and was delighted to see the Past Lives Project. Your group was my first stop in connecting with the spiritual community, and one of my favorite Meetups.  The conversations are always meaningful, supportive and inspiring. I believe this research is so important at a time in history when there is so much divisiveness.  If we can understand that we have probably had lives as most races, classes, belief systems and genders, it is harder to judge others, because we have probably been the type of person we are most prejudiced against."

What was your experience of a past lives exploration? "My first past life regression was while reading a book on Edgar Cayce at age 13. I had spontaneous flashbacks of being a slave in Alabama.  I have been regressed many times.  In the session you did with me, I was a baby who starved after my whole family died in a bombing in WWII.  I had a wonderful experience of being re-united after death with my family, who who told me they had all been watching over me, helping me stay asleep so that the death process was less painful and lonely.   It was a beautiful realization that however lonely and abandoned we may feel, we are truly loved and watched over at all times."  

Your website and contact info:,    

704-534-0687.  "I offer a free 30 minute phone discovery session to see if this work is a fit for you.  I only take clients I truly believe I can help."

I experienced a session of Alchemical Hypnosis with Pamela and it was powerful and insightful, I highly recommend her work. Pamela is giving a Meet Your Inner Mate workshop this month.


WHERE: Crystal Visions, 5426 Asheville Highway, Hendersonville  

WHEN:  February 8, 1 - 2:30 pm

COST: $15 or 2 for $20 (bring a friend or partner) cash or check

REGISTRATION/ INFO:  704-534-0687