Clearing energies with tapping

I have referred to my way of acknowledging my intuition as "following the bread crumbs" that appear in my path. So when I was inspired to start an EFT* MeetUp I initiated the Asheville EFT Borrowing Benefits** MeetUp which begins this week. For those unfamiliar, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is Gary Craig's incredibly powerful but simple method of healing by tapping on meridians on the body while either setting an intention or accessing a troubling emotional state.(Links to more information at the bottom of this post.)

Synchronistically (or just following the breadcrumbs that lead me forward) while doing research to prepare for the EFT MeetUp I discovered the work of George Duisman. George lives in the US Pacific Northwest and works exclusively online with people from all over the world using his own form of EFT that he calls CTT (Consciousness Transformation Technique). I have been using EFT for 10 years now on my own issues and never thought of applying it to past lives work but this is Druisman's innovation. We talked and are now collaborating on blending my past life work using the Awareness Techniques with his CTT method of resolving trauma. Stay tuned for updates. I've done 2 sessions and hope to do more as I acquaint myself with this new technique and I'm looking forward to applying this with my own sessions. 

When compiling this post I found this quote from Maggie Munn that I'd saved. She was not referring to energy medicine; Munn is more concerned with removing entities which I am open to but have not had any dealings with in my own personal work. But she mentions past lives and clearing so it caught my attention:


"A person who has cleared more of their dense/negative energy from their negative emotional traumas from childhood, past lives and the generational curses (traumas/karma/sins) of their forefathers will have a better intuition than the average person. While everyone has the same amount of LifeForce energy coming into them, their negative energy re-qualifies it once it enters the body thus cutting them off from the knowledge that is inherent in the LifeForce/God. "

“Dense Energy Entities: The Cause Of Our Suffering” - Maggie Munn (



**Borrowing Benefits is, according to the website, "the discovery that simply watching someone else do EFT on their issues, while tapping along with them, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues."