CTT: The Powerful Combination of Past Lives & EFT

My intention in pursuing past lives explorations was always to find what is next for this field. I believe that the most significant advance in the field is the combination of EFT tapping with past lives explorations. Synchronistically in August 2018 I started an EFT tapping MeetUp here in Asheville. I had been doing EFT and working with some of its energy psychology offshoots like TAT for 10 years and never thought of tapping in conjunction with my past lives work, but George Duisman has been doing just that with his online community for years.

I was researching the work of Dolores Cannon and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) which has an interesting induction using visualizations of objects and colors. Cannon, who passed away in 2014, had insisted her trainees only work in person so after her death an offshoot called BQH (Beyond Quantum Hypnosis) emerged that was designed to take advantage of the internet resources like Skype and Zoom. It was on a website for BQH practitioners that I connected with George Duisman whose innovative technique is called CTT (for Consciousness Transformation Technique). I have added tapping to my sessions since I learned about this and its extremely powerful. What’s even more interesting about CTT is that George uses a modified form of tapping which is much less complicated than classic EFT but just as effective. I connected with George Duisman for an interview last week to find out more about his process. (For the word-weary, scroll down to the end of this article for the audio interview.)

GD was one of the earliest adopters of personal computers and programming, building one of the first PC golf games. Always interested in spirituality, he was drawn to the early teachings of J. Z. Knight’s Ramtha and also investigated EFT in its early days. Duisman’s curiosity brought him to two innovative uses  of EFT, which are tapping for insights and a simplified cross armed form of tapping. Inspired by the bilateral movements of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Duisman’s method involves crossing the arms over the chest and tapping with alternate hands on the upper arms. This allows the tapper to remain in a self-hugging position and doesn’t require guidance to change positions. Its simplicity took some getting used to but it has proved effective with my clients who are not familiar with the EFT tapping points. (I’ll post a “nerd’s eye view” of Bi-Lateral Alternating Tactile Stimulation, and yes, that’s a mouthful, to examine the background on this method.) But that is only the first of many innovations in CTT. I have been researching various methods of inductions, both hypnotic and non-hypnotic, for the past year, and CTT dispenses with the induction altogether. Instead, it poses the question (which I love) “What is the Optimum Negative Belief that is blocking your joyful empowerment?” Followed with “What is the first clue?” The clue being whatever image, word, sound, feeling or emotion that arises in response to the question. (Once again, the almighty trusting of the first image that is central to past lives work and shamanic journeying.) This allows even the most subtle impression to be drawn out to a full experience.

In one of the CTT sessions I did, my first impression was of an orange, just a single piece of fruit. Further questioning uncovered an incredible life as the very wealthy but unhappy and unfulfilled 2nd generation owner of an empire based on acres of orange groves in Spain. Money, a big house and a beautiful young 2nd wife couldn’t soothe my heartache over my failed career as an artist and I succumbed to alcohol and overwork, just like my father whose lifestyle I was determined to avoid. All of this emerged from that image of a single orange, which expanded into the groves of the family business and the emotional turmoil behind this dynasty. There were multiple episodes in this life where I connected to his heartache and tapped on the pain: he was a wanna-be artist, I was a wanna-be rock star, there were echoes of that experience in my life and I experienced shifts when we were tapping.

I am currently incorporating Duisman’s CTT tapping and some of his wording into my past lives work with clients with great success. Lots of energies being moved, lots of clearings and insights being received. I believe that the combination of some form of EFT tapping with the groundbreaking work of the Swygards’ Awareness Techniques is not just the next step in Past Lives Therapy but a giant leap forward.