Dolores Cannon and our origin story

I’ve been listening to Dolores Cannon’s talks on her You Tube channel and I have to admit I really enjoy watching someone from my mother’s generation talk about past lives and communication with aliens while patting her perm. What I found out from this video is that Dolores started out as a hypnotist and even she admits that you no longer need to go through the long drawn out “follow the shiny object” process to get people into hypnosis. Then she talks about how, like Brian Weiss, she stumbled into this work while hypnotizing someone for overeating, and that person went back to Chicago in the 1920’s, the first of 5 lives Dolores explored with this woman. But she put it aside to raise what she describes as a large family, and only when facing her empty nest did she restart the work she is known for. This means that Dolores may have been working in the same vein as the Swygards at the same time in the late 1960’s, although following the hypnosis path. This quote jumped out an hour into this lecture, and perfectly aligns with the Awareness Techniques:

God was this huge bright light, and … he was lonely, he wanted to create others. This is when he burst out, this is the “Big Bang Theory” when he burst out into millions and billions of particles. Now when I take you back to what you really are, all you are is a tiny little spark of light; a tiny little spark, that’s all you are. So at that point they all shot out in all directions. Some of these little sparks became planets, some became galaxies, and many of them became individual souls. 

I have many clients who ask “I want to know where I came from.” Well, we all came from the same place… They all came from God, from the Source, and when they shot out, it was like God said, “Go and learn, my children, learn everything you can and bring it back to me.”

Now, I have no idea if Dolores Cannon ever heard of the Awareness Techniques, but its even more astounding if the information she got from her source led her to the same concept as the Swygards. Look at how closely these 2 quotes line up:


“Go and learn, my children, learn everything you can and bring it back to me.”

William and Diane Swygard:

“Go, know My Creation, and return it to Me.”

Dolores Cannon’s YouTube channel contains whole lectures, not just video snippets, and its a great resource, even if like me, you don’t agree with everything she says. Like back drop people. (Google it if you want to dive into a deep, deep rabbit hole.)