Mary LaBay's "Past Life Regression: A Guide For Practitioners"*

I've been reading Mary LaBay's "Past Life Regression: a Guide for Practitioners" in the Kindle version after checking out the sample and being impressed with her insights into the process. Here is her take on including past life explorations in our spiritual work -

"...imagine that you have amnesia. You cannot remember anything that happened before you were 21 years old. What would you know about yourself? How could you understand your relationships with other people? What would you know about your personality traits, the origins of your health issues, the basis for your choice of occupation, or the source of your knowledge and wisdom? Without substantiating evidence, it is difficult to truly know yourself. Expand that example to the bigger picture of the soul. Only by obtaining information about your previous lifetimes can you gain full knowledge of your character, your personality, your purpose, your overall progress, and the nature of your soul."

That's from Chapter 1, and she had me hooked. I was impressed with her concept of 'distancing'-

"Most of us have no trouble seeing strengths and weaknesses in others, but when it comes to seeing our own life situations with clarity, the challenge often seems insurmountable….When our clients view their past lives, a natural distancing occurs. When they see their past life 'counterpart' exhibiting the same or similar dysfunctional behaviors or making the same mistakes that they do, they more readily understand the changes they need to make. From this third-party perspective, our clients can allow themselves a more objective assessment of behaviors and decisions."



*The Kindle version of Mary LaBay's "Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners" is on sale in the Amazon Kindle store for $5.99, I highly recommend it. 

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