More Mary LaBay

My Kindle copy of Mary LaBay's book 'Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners' is almost all highlights. Even though she is working from the hypnotic regression perspective, her work is much more illuminating than Michael Newton and Brian Weiss, who are much more known in the field. Here is an example of how her work is much more in line with mine, and how I think she goes much deeper than anyone else in the field-

From the perspective granted by the afterlife, my clients often come to realize that the limiting beliefs they felt bound by during their time on earth were not as devastating or insurmountable as they appeared. Once out of the confines of the body, we see the many options and alternative measures that could have been taken to improve a situation or fulfill our purpose on earth.

(LaBay, Mary. Past Life Regression : A Guide for Practitioners (Kindle Locations 2109-2112). Trafford. Kindle Edition. )

Once again, the concept of distancing can allow us to reframe our present life struggles through the end of the past. And this -

Experiencing past lives and life between lives shows you that you are not just a personality at the mercy of a random fate. Rather, you are a soul who seeks out specific experiences for the purpose of expanding your spiritual understanding.

I am continually impressed with the participants in this past life work for their bravery. The above  quote from LaBay reminds me of this. 

And she quotes Richard Bach, of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame -

"You gave your life to become the person you are right now. Was it worth it? "

(These quotes are from Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners, but a more accessible and more recent book is "Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul's Quest for Consciousness", which is available for $5.99 in the Amazon Kindle store. Not a plug, I don't get a kickback, just a recommendation.)