"Past Life Bleed-through" article

I am not familiar with the work of Nora Herald and I usually prescribe extreme discernment when dealing with material downloaded from a Pleiadian source (remember, just because you’re from the Pleiadies doesn’t mean you’re smart!) But this was an interesting article I can recommend based on my own personal experiences. The “bleed through” is from a past life relationship with someone who enters our present life and, seemingly without effort, shakes us to our foundations. Nora describes an encounter with someone who activates long lost and deeply hidden feelings that are incredibly powerful (Been there.) In Nora’s case, the feelings were not reciprocated, leading to confusion and emotional turmoil (… done that.) Nora describes this feeling as “walking between worlds” which I have experienced. Nora explains her own technique of dealing with this bleed through; I advocate for deeper digging into the past life that triggered the previous life’s relationship. So often the person who has been wronged, dumped, or left behind has a previous entanglement that activated the energy that is still bouncing around causing present day upheaval. It is brave to look into the past life relationship of someone who arouses deep emotions in us. It is heroic to dig deeper into the past energies behind the past life affecting our current situation.

One of the core tenets of Energy Psychology is to find the core issue which is triggering our emotional discomfort, which is often far in the past. My experience has shown that most often, that core issue is in a past life. Now I am noticing that our past life issues have a core issue in a life even further in the past. This is the deep work that only the bravest of past lives explorers undertake.

(A longer version of this is available on my blog at:https://thepastlivesguy.blogspot.com)