Regressionist = Archeologist of the soul?

The science of exploring the mysteries of the human soul — the part of us that is most human — is called “mysticism,” and the explorers who study it are known as regressionists. Their work is analogous to that of archaeologists, who study sites and artifacts of historic or prehistoric peoples. Regressionists, the ar­chaeologists of the soul, dig through the strata and sub-strata of memory rather than through the records of geology. They sift through the potsherds of a bro­ken past, discovering what may be of value and what may be discarded as unimportant or even harmful. They reassemble mosaics for a clearer view of the ancient ways of past lives.

”Life Patterns, Soul Lessons, and Forgiveness”

Henry Leo Bolduc 1994

(Wondering how “Bobby Baranowski - Archeologist of the Soul” would look on my new cards. Vote in the comments.)