100 sessions and counting

Its almost the 1 year anniversary of the Asheville Past Lives Project MeetUp with over 100 successful sessions!

The main takeaway from a hundred sessions is, having heard so many amazing stories and experiences, when someone tells me something amazing that happens in a past life or between lives, I know not to say “oh, so that’s how it is” or “that’s how it goes”. Now I know it's more likely “oh, that’s how it went for you.” We each create our own reality, we each inhabit our own reality, and we take that awareness of our own reality into the past and between lives experience. Instead of it being a formatted, regimented check list of between lives experience, I am more impressed by the commonalities like soul groups and life reviews because most are so unique. Possibly this reflects my “tribe”. The people who are attracted to me and my work are different than the people who are attracted to a psychiatrist like Brian Weiss, or a hypnotherapist like Michael Newton. Granted, they have thousands of cases to my hundred, but 100 cases is a good start, and a healthy sample.

I am continually impressed with how bravely the people I work with approach their inner work. Everyone I work with helps to bring another piece of the puzzle into focus, although sometimes its a center piece that's a solid color, and I just have to put it on the side and wait for its connecting pieces to show up. 

I am looking forward to the next chapter in these stories, as we move off the 'known' map into unknown territory. I used to play a video game, and when the character I was controlling was on the screen, which was a map, only the areas of the map that had been explored were lit up. When you advanced your avatar to the edge of the screen, into the darkness, the next section of the map lit up and only then could you see where you are going. I have this theory that we created computers, both hardware and software, in our own mental image, and their construction reflects a map of our inner world. So this metaphor of advancing from darkness into light is reflected beautifully in this amazing technique for past lives exploration that gives us the tools to map our way back to the source of our creation.