Past Life Explorer interview


Name – Ashley Long

Location- Asheville, North Carolina

Occupation- Cardologer & Intuitive Coach

How did you connect with the Past Lives Project? –"I met Bobby at a Journeying Circle and when I discovered that he worked with a modality that enabled one to connect with their past lives (without hypnosis), I was interested in learning more!"

What was your experience with running past lives?

"I was surprised at how comfortable, easy and enjoyable the experience was! Bobby brought his warm-heart, laughter and compassion, making me feel safe and comfortable. I could relax and allow the intention I set to access a past life to unfold. He talked me through any emotions that came up and allowed me to be fully in control. Afterwards, we talked so I could understand, heal and incorporate what I discovered into my spiritual growth. I had always wanted to access an in-between life and I did and the experience changed so many things for me!"

Your work- "I am a Cardologer – I work with the ancient system that the deck of playing cards was originally created for. We each have a birth card and this system acts as our soul’s blueprint, giving us a spread of cards at our birth (our Life Spread) and speaks to who we are authentically, as well as giving us a yearly forecast so we understand the energies at play in our lives.

There are a variety of Readings from this system. You can delve deeper into your purpose, relationships, business or living more authentically. We can meet in person or do them over the phone. There are Courses, resources and tips on my website for learning more and a free ebook to get you started!"

Your website and contact info-


I've experienced Ashley's work, very powerful and a great way to map out your year, which I intend to do every birthday. as a gift to myself.