A Different Story

A series of quotes found me this month, all aligned to the challenges in opening ourselves to an expanded view of physical reality and our continuity as consciousness. Jason Silva ended his Awakening video blog on what he refers to as The Death Problem with this succinct idea - “Man is a bridge and not an end” even as he celebrated our existence as “spiritual warriors”. In another chapter of his Awakening blog (vlog?) he said.

We need to commune with the eternal, with the cosmos, in order to impregnate our life with meaning and signification. Now, religion used to provide this narrative, provide this existential blanket, blanketing us from the void by telling us we will live forever… But increasing sophistication, increasing scientific awareness and knowledge, and increasing intelligence has actually made us more anxious because these old narratives are no longer serving us.

Perhaps what we need is a different story…

A different story indeed, because maybe the old story is what Christopher Bache refers to as “one-timers perspective” in LifeCycles. 

We tend to see reincarnation through lenses cut and polished by space/time experience. But if this helps us grasp certain aspects of rebirth, such as the way unresolved emotions persist across large blocks of time, it also tends to hide other features from us, features that do not correspond so readily with ordinary physical experience. Perhaps we come to recognize first those aspects of reincarnation which are most like our experience in space/time, only more slowly do we recognize patterns that are unlike what occurs in physical reality. Spiritual reality may be much more unlike the physical reality than we have appreciated, and therefore reincarnation may involve dynamics that we have not even begun to comprehend.

It will take a different story to grasp this spiritual reality so unlike our physical reality that we do not recognize its patterns, nor do we yet have the language skills to express its subtleties. But Allison Coe, who practices Quantum Healing Hypnosis, references Dolores Cannon’s idea that “once you get through a couple of past lives, you can actually access a higher energy“, using the Past Lives Exploration as a “deepening gateway to get to the higher self.” The blogger MC Eschaton (awesome nom de plume) writes -

 ...the works of Seth /Jane Roberts had talked a bit about how exploring the OBE state can expand our ego's capabilities a bit, allowing us to bring back more accurate interpretations of what goes on at these other levels of consciousness. 

Whether expanding our ego's capabilities or accessing a higher energy, the goal of the work is to bring back more accurate interpretations of what goes on at these higher levels of consciousness. And the payoff?

The more we understand about our past lives, the more sense our current lives make. (Sylvia Browne)