Scott De Tamble & the 3D Chess Board Image

I heard an excellent interview with Scott De Tamble on the Past Lives Podcast out of the UK. De Tamble is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Southern California and was trained by Michael Newton in Life Between Lives. I like De Tamble's take on Newton's work; most “Newton-ians” adhere to the checklist of between lives stages- meeting spirit guide, life review, going before the council, etc. The people who are attracted to my working process have a much more individual experience and don’t feel cheated if they don’t hit all those checkpoints, and De Tamble acknowledges Newton’s need to organize as a trained hypnotherapist. De Tamble also cites Dick Sutphen as an influence and related this metaphor from Sutphen (for which I was unable to find a direct quote):

“I don’t know if you remember the original Star Trek, they had this 3D chess board that they would play… If you imagine a glass chess board that you could see through, and you put it up… at eye level, and then you had 1 piece on that chess board, say, you’re a King in this life, each chess board would be a life. Then you have a thousand other chess boards, below the next one, the next one below, below, below. So if you’re on top, looking down, you see all of these lives, all of these pieces moving around in this incredible dance of … existence. And so, if on chess board number 69 you’re a pawn and you move from this space to that space, it affects the entire game. And so its easy to think that a decision I make in this current life will affect my future lives, that’s sort of easy to understand. But with that concept, a decision I make in this life will also affect all of my past lives, because its like one big dance going on at once.”

Here’s one more quote from this interview (link below):

Its a testing ground, the earth and other physical spaces.

Welcome to the dance, y’all.

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