Richard Feynman Mystery Quotation

I had a conversation with someone at a MeetUp and their philosophy, installed by their trusted guru, was “We are not supposed to know our past lives.” I have my own answer to that. Their guru’s advice was probably given in the 1960’s or ‘70’s, based on the best information available at that time, but that was 40-50 years ago. I trust that we have made significant progress since then and need to put that advice in the context of the era in which it is given. But the universe posing as the internet came up with a better answer to the question. It comes from Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist who is also a teacher, philosopher and (this made him near and dear to my heart) a DRUMMER.:

It does not do harm to the mystery to know a little about it.”

Feynman was talking about science but I see it in a larger context of Mystery with a capital M. If we consider life (including our past lives) to be a mystery, then follow William Swygard’s advice and “Ask questions, questions, questions, questions.”

Here’s a link to the longer original quote on my blog: