While prepping for my last workshop, I had this thought to present this past life work, the deepest and most interesting part of it, as a solution to world peace. Not in a flippant way. The question becomes::

How can you be prejudiced against anyone else due to color, race, religion, class, sex or sexual identity, or even economics when you have likely already been someone of that race, religion, skin color, sex or economic class? When you’ve already been the opposite of what you are now? And having lived from that other side of the equation, we are now given the opportunity to experience how we treated others when we were privileged, or how we thought about the people who treated us badly?

Rich or poor; black, white, brown or yellow; upper or lower class. These are all just roles that we are playing, temporarily, in order to have an experience that teaches us a lesson. So skip ahead and acknowledge that we are all one and set your intention to make better choices from that awareness.

Here is Brian Weiss’ wisdom on this topic:

An understanding of past lives teaches us to end all bigotry and prejudice. Over our many lifetimes we have been all races, all religions, both sexes, and many nationalities. We have to learn from all sides. We are all the same. Karmic forces will pull you to any group you oppress if you do not learn this lesson.

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