I’m an admirer of Mary LaBay’s past lives work, and in her latest email newsletter, she perfectly captures the best attitude to adopt when doing this work for the first time:

To suspend disbelief during a past life regression, simply give yourself permission to experience whatever thoughts, visions, experiences, or ideas come your way, without judgment or criticism. Once you let in all the information that wants to come your way, you can sift through it to hone the accuracy…When we don’t allow ourselves to believe in past lives long enough to allow the flow of memories, we will not be able to receive the valuable insights and lessons awaiting us.

My version of that advice was inspired by Gail Gulick, who’s shamanic journeying circle I have been attending (and drumming at) for 3 years:

Trust the first image.

Giving yourself permission, allowing, suspending disbelief, receiving; these are the concepts that allow us to open the door to these life changing experiences.