Feel it to heal it? Absolutely!

I just finished reading Barbara Pomar’s book “Confessions of a Regressionist” and was impressed with the depth and breadth of her research. She dove deeply into the quantum physics aspects of past lives and even tackled the time conundrum*, no small task without a large roll of duct tape to keep your brains from exploding out of your skull. Here is one of the quotations that I pulled regarding one of the major issues people have with their initial journeys into past lives:

“(P)sychologist W. P. Hull came to the conclusion that: If the patient has not had an experience, he/she cannot have a feeling. No amount of suggestion can cause feeling. We come into this world with the ability to feel, but we do not feel until or unless something happens. There is a big difference between feeling and imagination. We can imagine almost anything, but you cannot feel anything unless you have had an experience to cause it. "

I always stress to my clients that the emotions that arise are the key to healing; I guess this makes me a member of the “feel it to heal it” school of energy medicine. But this is absolutely true with past lives - it has to be an experience and the emotional aspect is what enables us to own it. In the group past life mini-dives that I do at workshops, the goal is to access a glimpse of one’s happiest, most joyful and fulfilled past life, even if it is just an episode in that life. This has multiple advantages: it feels GREAT, and it sets the pathway for emotions to be the avenue to connect with our previous personalities. I’m grateful that Pomar reminded me that:

“(Hans) TenDam suggests that in discerning a psychodrama from a past life, the regressionist needs to ask for emotions and bodily sensations.

Which is what we do at my MeetUps and workshops: experiential dives into past lives. Even in a group setting, people are invited to feel the emotions and bodily sensations from a past life personality, almost always one that has a message for our present day self. And in a one-on-one session, we have 90 minutes to 2 hours to explore this in depth.

Pomar’s book is only $3.99 in the Amazon Kindle store:


*the time conundrum is an attempt to address the many faceted aspects of time: whether time and our various past lives are actually sequential, or whether everything is happening at once; whether time lines can overlap, or whether a consciousness can inhabit more than one physical body at the same time; or the idea that every decision splits off into a new timeline (the Many Worlds Theory). It’s a deep rabbit hole that I’ll be addressing in the future.