From an email with GS, who I worked with on a physical issue -

<The prevailing wisdom is that we accept or agree to certain physical and emotional ailments, whether it's to work out karma from past lives or for reasons beyond our comprehension. Both for myself and the people I work with, I am asking the same questions- how do we "heal" something that we agreed to experience?>

This is phase 2 of the work, the between lives, non-physical experience leading into what goes into the planning of the next life. How do we "heal" from something if we agreed to experience it as a part of our growth process, and does removing it interfere with that process? I just read a story about a woman who had a near death experience while battling stage 4 cancer. She said outside of the physical body, while in the NDE, she understood completely why she had cancer. No word on whether her condition changed after this realization. 

I recently did some 'running' (Swygard's term for this past life work) on a person with whom I have had a difficult working relationship. After spending some time looking at this relationship from a past life perspective, i was able to to arrive at a 'reframe', an NLP term for seeing the relationship in a totally different way. I was able to get to a point where I could be grateful to him for "participating in my schooling", even though that lesson was painful and expensive. I wonder if we can ever get to a place where we can accept and be grateful for an illness for participating in our schooling? Will that emotional shift lead to healing in the physical body?