More great quotes from sessions

Every time I work with someone, I come away with a great quote that arises from doing this work. Last week, it was with B., who experienced coming to the end of a life as a woman who's husband had passed away, and who'd lost a child. There was some sadness, and the feeling that her life hadn't mattered. We were able to move on through her death and into the between lives experience that is becoming the most important part of this work. B. described "the feeling of oneness" and of being "the thread in the pattern, connecting all the other threads." In the between lives state of a non-physical experience, B. described how "it doesn't matter that it didn't matter," a beautiful reframe of her previous sadness. Now the sessions are progressing from "running" a past life and going through that life's ending, into the non-physical experience between lives, and then back into another life. Its amazing what we are able to accomplish in 90 minutes to 2 hours.