"Look down at your feet and tell me what you're wearing"

That is the first instruction I give in a session after we have completed the preliminary exercise, and they have accessed a past life. "Look down at your feet, and tell me what you're wearing" is a brilliant and easy way to get acquainted with the' physical' body we'll be exploring in the incarnation we have connected with. Seeing the footwear, or lack of footwear is very grounding, and once completed, it enables us to see the rest of the clothing and hairstyle which gives us input into the sex, ethnicity, social standing and the era that we are accessing. So I got a giggle when I was doing a search for some information on other forms of past life regression and saw that wikihow.com has a page for HOW TO REMEMBER YOUR PAST LIVES.


Like almost every other form of past life regression, they use walking down a long hallway (or sometimes a staircase) leading to a doorway, on the other side of which is a previous life. I enjoyed that some part of William Swygard's Awareness Techniques might possibly have been used when I saw this-

"...try the shoe method: look down at your feet, and go with the first pair of shoes you see yourself wearing, and work from there. You might see sandals, and then realize you’re wearing a tunic. You might see little pointy shoes, and realize you’re wearing a big silk gown."

That's the only part in common with what we are doing, and for a self-directed exercise its OK, but what Swygard published in 1971 is still, in my humble opinion, the most effective way to access past lives.