Swygard's Spiritual Big Bang Theory

I have referred to the above numerous times, and feel the need to clarify it for those new to this work. Here is William Swygard's own explanation from Awareness Techniques, Book 1, published in 1971 and re-issued in 1975-

"In the Central Universe, the Creator is at the very center. This is His headquarters and the fountainhead of His awareness. From this center, He releases Spirits. To release Spirits, which are part of Him, He increases the vibration of His very awareness. and in so doing, He maintains this increased awareness for about one hour Kalaranda (Earth) time. When His consciousness recedes to its original size, the "residue" becomes individualized Spirits, and each is given a name. They are admonished, by name, to "Go know My Creation, and return It to me." From this command, they gain more consciousness..."

So we individual aspects of the Creator are here to experience and by experiencing, we gain more consciousness and add to the knowledge of the Creator. This concept was very important in my development, because it allowed me to switch from "What am I here to learn?" to "What can I create from where I am now?" 

Diane Swygard said it best - "Renew your hope and enthusiasm and "Go, know the Creation and return it unto the Creator."