The "R' word

My local library has a digital copy of "Complete Idiot's Guide to Reincarnation" so I could not resist checking it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-researched and -written wide ranging overview on the subject. Since quantum versus Newtonian physics came up  at the last MeetUp, and since I read Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe" lately, I wanted to put together a short summation of that concept. CIGTR did that as briefly as a complicated subject allows. 

"(David) Bohm has taken the early concepts of quantum physics several steps further. He theorizes that wholeness is the primary reality, and he calls this the implicate order.

Out of this implicate order, which is in a state of unceasing change, stable structures appear. Everything we see as stable and solid, which Bohm called the explicate order, is a projection of the unknowable whole. Energy, light and matter are made up of holographic interference patterns, and any fraction contains information about the whole. In other words, the whole contains the parts and the parts contain the whole.

Writer Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe) … notes that our brains construct “objective reality” by picking up and interpreting frequencies that are from another dimension that is beyond time and space. This means that the brain is a hologram within a holographic universe, and any part of us contains information about the whole explicate order. Bohm believes that consciousness itself is a subtle form of matter, and the relationship between the two lies in the implicate order.

What are the implications for reincarnation? Bohm believes that space is full of energy, that its not empty. The universe is a ripple of energetic excitement in an ocean of energy, a three-dimensional projection of the implicate order. Because the implicate order is the foundation of our universe and is beyond the space-time dimension, it contains everything that ever was or will be… Experiencing a past life regression means tapping into the implicate order where past life memories are contained. According to holographic theory, each person has access to knowledge and experience of the whole implicate order. This theory of physics bears a striking similarity to the knowledge of mystical traditions. 

    What we assumed was solid in the material world of Newtonian physics turns out to be an illusion: a projection of energy, of frequency wave forms. Furthermore, we are not only part of the projection, but we also create it. We even create the constructs of time and space. When we enter an altered state of consciousness, we are accessing energy traces in the form of frequency waves and patterns in the implicate order. 

Accessing the implicate order may allow us to access less-dense realms of existence where spirit guides, guardian angels, and other souls exist."

Try reading the above and replace 'implicate order" with potentiality, and 'explicate order' with physical reality. An easy to grasp definition of the holographic concept is that all of the information of the whole is contained in any fraction of the hologram. So when we are 'running' a past life experience, we are a fraction of the hologram accessing the whole, the potentiality of all that is, and our consciousness is 'reading' its energy traces and patterns. And since all information in a hologram is contained in any fraction of it, we have access to it because we are a fraction of the whole that has been released from Source. Remember Swygard's beautiful version of our origin story - "Go, know my Creation and return it to Me."