Ainslie Macleod quotation

I’ve often been asked why we don’t remember our past lives. I argue that we do. And that’s the problem with reincarnation. We remember our past lives, not consciously, but rather through fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and other blocks, which are most often held in our body. 

The key to getting over these memories of past incarnations is to remind your soul that “that was then, this is now.”

Ainslie Macleod

Re-reading this quotation, I noticed Macleod’s emphasis on the idea that these blocks are “most often held in our body.” Which implies that the path to releasing these blocks lies in working with the body’s energy systems. I feel like I am on the correct path when incorporating EFT tapping into my sessions to move and release any stuck energy that comes into awareness from this past lives work. And this is a reminder that past lives work is not just a cerebral exercise; its equally important to fully feel the emotions on our past life journey to express and release them. Lots more interesting ideas on Ainslie’s website at