Elizabeth Krohn: Talking AfterLife Experiences w/Gordon White on Rune Soup

Fascinating interview with Elizabeth Krohn, co-author of “Changed in a Flash” (with Jeffrey Kripal) which is the story of her being struck by lightning, dying, and how her visit to the afterlife changed her life. As Elizabeth describes it:

It flipped some kind of switch for me that made it easy for me to receive information and interact … with another dimension.

Rune Soup is one of my favorite podcasts, and Gordon White describes this as one of his “favorite ever episodes.” After being struck by lightning, Elizabeth found herself above her body laying on the ground, trying to will it to get up. 

Elizabeth Krohn: Suddenly I realized I’m not getting up because I’m dead. And as soon as I realized that, I felt free to explore this other realm where I was… A light appeared to my right and up above me, and I knew that this light … wanted me to follow it, so  I thought, “I’ll go, I’ll see what this is”, and I followed this light and it lead me to … a garden. Except its not like any garden that would be here on earth. I happen to love gardens and I’ve been to a lot of them, and this was nothing like anything I’ve seen here…

The most overwhelming thing that I felt in the garden… was this unconditional love that was so overpowering and so unlike any love here on earth or in this dimension… I struggle to find the words to describe that feeling, to describe the beauty of this place. 

Somehow, I understood that I was in heaven and I did see other people there, in the distance. No one approached me but I saw other people, and I understood that they were also in heaven but that they were not seeing what I was seeing. Like heaven was tailored to each individual person, and it was whatever is going to put you personally at ease and make you happy is what you see. And for me that was a garden. And that was just something I understood while I was there. 


Comforting to know that whatever puts us at ease and makes us happy is what awaits us on the other side of the veil. And interesting because my favorite between lives “recovery area” is a perfectly beautiful garden. “Heavenly” would be the only way for words to attempt to describe it.