Another interesting Past Life article

Another article turned up, this time by a young woman with a neuroscience degree, who pursues her interest in past lives. The author Suzannah Weiss worked with a shaman, a life coach doing a guided meditation, a 2nd shaman/reiki master/doctor of natural medicine, and a hypnotist. Suzannah didn't seem to have a satisfactory experience, as her main comment is the thought that she’s making it up, but felt that “the lessons I learned throughout this process were valuable.”

Most interesting to me was the life coach who directed her to:

“look down and tell her what kind of shoes I was wearing, working upward to my whole outfit.”

Classic Awareness Techniques, and once again from someone who most likely never heard of the Awareness Techniques. I’m encouraged that young New Yorkers (who are probably living in my old neighborhood) are interested enough in exploring past lives to pursue and write about their experiences. I just wish they could try the actual Awareness Techniques.