Great Past Lives Regression article

Interesting article from a guy who apparently got his mind blown by a past lives journey. He describes it like taking “ayahuasca cut with Mountain Dew Code Red.” Writer Will Fulton worked with Ann Barham, who’s been doing this long enough to have the web address That’s a good website; she has a questionnaire posted where every question can be answered by getting a past lives perspective. My attitude completely! And with props to the Awareness Techniques, Fulton’s journey started with:

“We started from the bottom and worked our way up. I saw my bare feet in a dust-swept valley. “

That’s Swygard’s instructions which have been absorbed into the mainstream of past life regression hypnosis, and I bet Ann Barham never heard of the Awareness Techniques or William and Diane Swygard. But what is most impressive about Fulton’s article is his takeaway:

The vision of past/possibly-made-up-me was a lot like me-me. The same flaws that hindered my life "back then" live on in the present… (S)keptic or not, the journey of past-life regression is not a passage to be taken lightly. If nothing else, you will face some uncomfortable truths(.)

“I Visited a Past-Life Therapist and It Literally Changed My (Current) Life” by Wil Fulton