Awareness Techniques Books 1-4

Finding a copy of Diane and William Swygard's "Awareness Techniques" has aroused a lot of interest in the books, judging by the people emailing me to ask where to find them. So it seems counterintuitive for me to say this - 

I don't recommend reading these books.

I suggest you start by following the instructions and "running" a few past and between lives first, then reading the books. All the information that you need to "run" is in the instructions and maybe the introduction. The reason for this is, immediately after the instructions, Book 1 takes you behind the scenes of the Creation, the very definition of "big picture stuff", and this is a lot to process. Our modern day consciousness is better used processing personal awareness of our past lives. Swygard himself recommends reading this material when in a state of integrated consciousness, and this is only achieved after becoming fluent at running. So congratulate me on finding a physical copy of the books for the archives, as I enjoy the different way my brain processes reading a physical book from a digital copy. If you're interested, go to the services page to set up a session and I'll guide you through your first explorations. Or you can email me at for the instructions and, in the words of the authors, "ask questions, questions, questions."