Quotation of the Month - April 2018

“What if” we are more than this body, this mind, this particular history and story? What if beyond the egoic drives of fear and gain, that we are in essence, really beings of love? What if this experience that we call life is really just a semester of Earth school? And that in between these semesters of Earth school, there’s a realm that we can go to… a realm that is of great beauty, creativity, connection ... a realm with humor, of learning... a realm of great peace and love? What if beyond the costumes of this life there is another and a larger story of who we are? Take a moment. Sometimes we hear these ideas, but we need a moment to lean into them... to feel them. What would it be like to live our lives from a soul perspective, from that larger story perspective?...I called what I remembered “The Before.”

Richard Martini

Author of "Flipside" and "Its a Wonderful Afterlife"