Christos technique

As soon as I set up the FaceBook page for the Asheville Past Lives Project, (, I was contacted by someone in Australia doing similar work, known as the Christos Technique. The legend is that William Swygard printed up a 2-page sheet with the basic instructions and mailed them all over the world. Apparently one copy made it to Australia, where a woman, Jaqcueline  Parkhurst, started working with the technique with her husband and then with a small group of people (much like I learned it in Dallas in the 1970's). For undetermined reasons, they promoted it by calling it the Christos Technique, I don't yet now where the name came from but they used Swygard's original instructions and even re-published them. What's interesting to me about those original instructions is that they included this-

"Clasp his legs, one at a time, just above the knee and manipulate your hands downward, stopping at the knee briefly to make certain the knee is relaxed; then rubbing on, down to the ankle and bend the ankle; then massage the foot, and then the toes briefly and vigorously. Repeat this manipulation quickly. Next, place the palm of your hand on the person's forehead, and with little pressure, move the skin of the forehead up and down and sideways for a few seconds. This relaxation process should not be overdone. "

I emailed the instructions to someone I'd been working with online and she replied "Hey, where's my foot massage?"  The answer is, I literally hadn't done that since the first time I learned the technique, haven't used it since, and I've done over 75 sessions, mostly online. So its interesting to see that the Christos Technique (why not the Swygard Technique?) group took the massage aspect and ignored the last line - "This relaxation process should not be overdone." They are requiring 3 people for a session; one to rub the legs, one to massage the forehead, and one to read the written instructions. I'm glad they got great results, there are many books written based on their work, but it seems to be a detour from the simplicity of Swygard's technique. The Christos group has a FaceBook page that has access to the now out of print books -

I'm grateful to the folks in Australia keeping this work going. It makes me wonder if there are other groups around the world that received the original instructions from Swygard and like me, are trying to keep this work alive and vibrant.