"The more we heal from past life trauma, the better the future will be"

In his foreword to Barbara Stone's book "Invisible Roots", author (Love, Medicine and Miracles) and retired surgeon Bernie Siegel MD (born in Brooklyn!) had this to say about the importance of healing past life traumas -

I believe we bring unconscious awareness of the events of our past lives with us throughout our life experience. I believe that when the body dies, consciousness continues to exist and relocates or reincarnates into a new body in a circle of life. Just as a graduation is also a commencement, so death is also the beginning of a new cycle of life. Because of the brain wave patterns of a child, a parent’s words have a hypnotic effect on the child up until the age of six. Likewise, our past lives have this same unspoken, hypnotic effect, which we each bring with us at birth. The choices we then make are related to our past lives, even when we are not consciously aware of why we do things the way we do. Thus, the more we heal from our past life trauma, the better the future will be—our future incarnations and the future of society and our planet as a whole.

- April 2008, foreword to Invisible Roots, Barbara Stone