Progress report - 55 sessions and counting

I found an entry in my journal written right after a spectacular paradigm-shifting run of a past life that I realized while working on my own. I wrote that I intended to do 50 sessions with other people, and that would determine whether these tools created in the 1960's were still viable 50 years later. I am closing in on 60 sessions now, and I can officially report that this technique is definitely viable and still relevant in the energies of 2017. I am still interested in pushing the boundaries of what this process is capable of. I've gotten great results with getting people through a previous incarnation, through the death transition, and into the non-physical between lives experience. Everyone I work with is different, everyone moves at their own pace through the process, everyone has their own unique experience.

As I refine my technique, I am also refining my use of the technology that allows me to work online with anyone who has a streaming quality internet access. (I haven't done any international sessions yet, but the internet allows me to work with anyone and anywhere.) The learning curve on the tech front has been steep but thanks to the patience of the participants, both aspects are getting better and more efficient. 

One of my goals for the Past Lives Project MeetUp group here in Asheville is to put together a core of participants who will do multiple sessions with me, and with enough experience, be able to work either on their own or to run someone else. I already have one woman who is able to run herself, more to follow. As I told the group at the last MeetUp, if you do this once, its an experience; if you do it multiple times, it becomes a practice. That is how we discover new uses for this technique and take it to new and as yet unknown territory.