Present Life running

A friend emailed to ask whether this technique worked on accessing our present lives. Interestingly, by synchronicity, just last week I was running myself on a specific topic, and I came down into a physical body and everything seemed to proceeding smoothly. But when I looked down at my feet, I saw.... black and white Keds, a type of sneaker (pre-running shoe) that I remembered from my childhood. I had set my intention for a message for wisdom from a past life, and I have run enough that I know all my 20th Century lives, so seeing black and white Keds did not compute. But I trusted in the process, continued looking at my clothes and my surroundings, and was astonished to discover that I was being guided to look at myself, in this life, at age 5. The emotional situation I was dealing with at age 5 was exactly the situation that I was asking about. I got my answer, but how I got to it was unexpected. As a result of this experience, I now open myself to wisdom and guidance from my present life when I set my intention. 

What was interesting was, now that I am a man of a certain age, when I look at my life and experience from 50+ years ago, it might as well be a previous life. The events happened so long ago that I have only vague memories from then. My body seemed different, my clothes seemed different, my surroundings seemed different, and my emotional state as a 5 year old was different. So the technique worked in the same way as if it were a previous incarnation: identify the clothing, identify the location, then identify the emotional state. It was only when I accessed the emotional state I was in that it all made sense to my grown up self. Plus it was an opportunity to trust the visuals and the unexpected answer to "Look down at your feet and tell me what you're wearing.". If I'd rejected what I saw when I looked down and saw those modern sneakers, I would have missed what my consciousness was showing me, what it was guiding me to clear by accessing and acknowledging this emotional situation.

I love this work. I learn something every day, every time I use it, whether working on my own or running someone else.