Example of why I use EFT tapping in my Past Lives Sessions, or “Tapping not slapping”

Here’s a perfect example of why I am using EFT tapping in my past lives sessions. Reading Roger Woolger’s “Other Lives, Other Selves,” I came across this passage. 

“Some researchers become so caught up in their historical detective stories that the rememberer’s feelings are sometimes callously ignored. There is a rather shocking part of the well-known Bloxham tapes in which the hypnotherapist, Arnall Bloxham, regressed a certain Graham Huxtable to a life as an eighteenth-century sailor. In a deep trance, reliving a battle at sea, Huxtable, as the sailor, has his leg blown off and screams uncontrollably. Bloxham apparently slaps his face to bring him out of trance and assures him that his leg is still intact.”

No need for corporal punishment in past lives sessions, just a suggestion of gentle tapping on various meridian points on the face, body and hands will suffice.