The Past Lives Podcast interview with Stephen H. Martin and a double Sync

There is an interesting podcast out of the UK called “The Past Lives Podcast*” with 57 episodes to date. The most recent podcast was an interview with Stephen H. Martin who has a new book compiling the wisdom of Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet for his ability to channel medical and spiritual wisdom. I talked about Cayce in an earlier blog post/review of Many Mansions, one of the earliest books about Cayce.

Martin had this to say about a topic that has come up in my MeetUps and from some of the experiences of people in the group explorations:

“What (Cayce) said was, we are spiritual beings, we are eternal, we are created by God… and we were created for companionship; to be co-creators with God. Now one of the things we were given was free will; we can decide to cooperate with God or not to cooperate with God, we decide… Whatever we want, whether its good or whether its bad, we have free will. And one of the things that we humans did is explore all of creation, which is multi-dimensional.… This Earth is only one of many different realms that if you’re a spiritual being you can explore. And apparently we humans… wanted to experience this 3 dimensional reality which was inhabited by… animals and trees and fish… and no humans. We really weren’t meant to be here, this was not created necessarily for us in the beginning, but we forced our way in. And the only was you can get in to this dimension is through a living being, not necessarily human but at first apparently we came in through the animal kingdom, and things like centaurs,… the minotaur. The… combination of animal and human beings was something that happened way way back. Eventually we arrived at the ape-like creature and began incarnating through that.”

I am not presenting this as fact; this is Martin speaking based on his research into Cayce. I have no verification of this concept from Cayce’s writings, and am not really interested in further research into Cayce. The religiosity of his “channeling” is suspicious, as is the astonishing coincidence that so many of the people whose past lives he accessed were described as being close to and associated with the historical Jesus. I resonate with the idea that we are created by God (or the Source) to be co-creators, but the idea that we “forced our way into” physicality as humans is radical, as is the idea of human/animal hybrids as being factual.

My only experience with this phenomena is that, when I do group mini-dives into the happiest previous experience, occasionally someone will come back and report having been an animal. Someone described a happy existence as a giraffe in last week’s MeetUp and previously someone reported being a dolphin, on both cases they were intensely positive experiences. I have not had this experience myself, so I can’t weigh in on this but there is some synchronicity in hearing Edgar Cayce referring to consciousnesses inhabiting animal “bodies” just after someone in my MeetUp reported that same experience.

There is a 2nd sync when Martin claims Cayce as the source of the quote I reconfigured in my last post. Talking about communicating with the dead, Martin says:

“People who communicate with the dead, and ask them questions, are fooling themselves if they think they’re always getting the right answers because they’re probably not. As Edgar Cayce said, ‘Just because your grandmother’s dead doesn’t mean that she knows more now than she did when she was alive.’ She’s still that same entity.”

Cursory internet searching was unable to provide verification of this as being Cayce’s original idea which I always attributed to Mary LaBay, but it is in the interview at approximately 46:00.

The book is “Edgar Cayce- The Meaning of Life and What To Do About It” by Stephen H. Martin