Lifetimes, plural, not lifetime, singular

My personal energy work is based on Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT*, and I am exploring his newest innovation, Optimal EFT. So it made me smile to see Gary use the word “lifetimes” (plural) in his latest newsletter -

So what does cause our multitudes of diseases?  Our NewThink answer points to the mind, not the body. More specifically, it insists that diseases show up in the body as manifestations of the unresolved fear, anger, guilt and other negative emotions that we all collect over our lifetimes.

Now he may be referring to the lifetimes of many people doing EFT, but it resonates with me as an acknowledgment that we carry unresolved issues from our past lifetimes. 


*Gary Craig generously includes instructions for doing both EFT and Optimal EFT at his website